Further prizes in Atlas beyond the normal ones for those who play LOTS

First off I recognize that this topic will only appeal to a small portion of the population. For those that finish the atlas season really early though, it would be nice to have a bonus section of prizes open up. I realize you can get atlas chests but really, at 2k a pop, they are pretty meagre prizes for quite a bit of glory.

You could populate the bonus section with expensive to get prizes like 10k or even 20k badges each and give out maybe bonus embers or pearls? Or large prizes similar to the regular lines? I only ask because I as done the season 3 weeks early and the last while has been pointless to participate in atlas, which is not how I want it to feel. Give us something to strive for! It only takes 3.56m glory give or take to finish the season. Give those of us who do something else to work towards at least. It’s not all that hard to get that much glory in a season if you have no life. :slight_smile:



It used to be 3 X better. PG nerfed it right into the ground.