Future events of the Springblossom Season

Is there someone who can tell me what are the future events of the springblossom season?

We can speculate, but the certain answer is NO


What is the latest speculation? :joy:
Another fight event?

Probably will be KW > Fort > TG > Breed. But as stated above, all we can do is guess.


Sorry what do KW and TG mean?

They stand for “Kill Me Now Please” and “Welp, that lasted 1 minute” .

But in all seriousness, Kingdom Wars and Team Gauntlet.


Ok thanks! :grin:


Im still hoping that whoever got to swing the Event Slaying Sword accidentally decapitated Kingdom Wars after executing Feeding. Maybe whatever the new PvP they’re developing will maul the crap out of KW and take its territory


Not to be the party pooper but it’ll prob take KW’s territory…as the most hated event lol

Another quick question for you veterans. Is there a way I can select the range of medals I want to win in a battle
OR just view them without press the “attack” button each time?
It is pretty annoying after some time…

I genuinely do not know. I’ve never flown for medals. I can’t remember last time I paid attention to medals besides that one feeding I made the major mistake of playing for 9M points, a few seasons ago. I was dumb, never again.

Oh ok ahahhha
I’ll ask my teammates then

Medals don’t matter in the game. I wouldn’t suggest flying for medals, fly for XP or resources instead and the medals are just a bonus


It would be nice though if medals actually did something, like unlock bonuses or something. Though then you’d just have people injecting 200M medals or using bots to up their medal counts. Maybe have special portrait frames you could put on after achieving a certain number just to look fancy

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Medals are needed for declaring wars, but most teams don’t have a problem farming the amount needed :joy::joy: Unless maybe they are warring a TON :sweat_smile:

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You get the max amount of medals your first attack, and then it drops rapidly if you attack the same person to getting 1 medal per attack. Atlas attacks (not gold mines/beasts) give you more. Example : I get 5,000 medals per attack outside of Atlas, and I get 10,000 for Atlas attacks.

That being said, medals aren’t that important outside of determining how active of a player you are.

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Kingdom wars :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: please NO

We all have events we hate, and I think it’s fair to say every event is hated by at least some.

I wonder, though, is there an event that a majority of the player base actually enjoys? To me, the PvP events all end up seeming like chores, and a gauge of which team can spend the most. I don’t think any of them can be classified as “fun” with the possible exception or Temple Raid.

Just wondering what others think…


Never heard of this…
Though I believe that against 3 defender (forgot with 2 assist or not) it’s 10k

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I think this is one of the big problems.

Some people apparently loved Feeding. Many loathed it.

Some people like Kingdom Wars. Many loathe it.

Really any time people ask “What’s your favorite event,” there’s a range of answers.

I’ve seen people say Fight Pits, and Team Gauntlet, and Temple Raid, too, but I’ve also seen people rant about how much they hate each of those.

And there are so many variables that go into how good or bad an individual event can be for an individual person or team. Perhaps most importantly, if you get matched up with teams that don’t just spam megacoins, things become much more interesting. But I gather those doesn’t really exist past a certain tier.