Future of Gifting Packs

Apple recently released an updated TOS “thing” (I don’t know what exactly it’s called, but this screenshot is from the apple website) about in app purchases, etc. I fear what the highlighted section will mean for War Dragons. Will we be allowed to send resources anymore? Will gifting of packs ever return?

Feel free to add questions and tag the necessary people. I just wanted to get this out there.

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Uh oh…this sucks…no rss transfers?


You see purchase content, so it means something that you can buy with real money like packs, not ressources. Hopefully I’m right…

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Yep saw this also it’s directed to in app purchases and all corresponding consumables which are purchasable like timers, rubies, dragon boosts, gold chests, food and wood PACKS but not things which come for free like raidable content such as gold food and wood


“should not directly or indirectly enable gifting of IN-APP PURCHASE CONTENT”

anything that is free or a feature of the game that doesn’t ask you $0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 shouldn’t be affected by that new rule.

so unless rss transfer requires you to pay $0.01 each for instant transfer, it will stay in the game.


Attention also to the last bullet point.

It will be like

2% chance for 15 x 12 hours
2% chance for 3k egg tokens
70% chance for 25x dragon boosts
70% chance for 25 x tower boosts



Not sure why Apple gets to dictate whether or not we can gift packs that’s bad enough but why in hell should they have a say as to in game gifting?. Funny cause I was actually going to float a suggestion about adding gifting to our teammates using rubies ie gift a member healing potions etc

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I just posted a screenshot showing a glitch allowing my android account to gift. Reported to PG but they think everything is normal. Even though there are only 2 Purchase options that are outdated.

Because it’s Apple, and Apple wants more money/control with a side of helping customers. App devs can’t afford to have their apps pulled from the store/have updates denied.

Yeah and pack loaders are a problem in every money heavy game. So to mouth shut the complains they want it to be deactivated.

Also with regards to gold chests showing the odds prevents also refund requests bc most either won’t buy them when they see shitty content or have no ground for a refund when they knew the odds.

So better beef the desired content up PG otherwise the revenues will decrease significantly.

When can we expect news here @pgEcho @PGJared @PGEggToken?

This is bad, very bad!
Does the android app allow gift packs.

No android does not allow gifting either. Gifting has been seen here and there on both platforms.

I can’t wait to see the the odds of the gold chest. I had a friend in the game that he and I sent gift to eachother. I miss that. I really hope rss doesn’t disslove lord knows we can’t get through a lumber or feeding event without helping eachother out. Besides we are a team.

I know we can buy gold with rubies, well I’m pretty sure we can. Do you think we won’t be able to send to the bank?

They won’t have to disclose the gold chest drop percentages if they just take them out of the packs you can buy. I think this bullet point is more aimed at games where you can directly “buy” items outright with money. Example - Open Gold Armor Chest for $5 and have a chance at a legendary armor drop.

The fact you are purchasing gold chests which you then open might be a loophole and they could keep them in the packs. At the most they would just remove the chests from the packs and replace with rubies, which you don’t “have” to open the randomized chests with so they wouldn’t have to disclose those odds.

THey may also provide purchases outside the app. Like on this site, but affects details in the players in the app.


I purchase a gift pack here (outside app) for ign: zenobia.
The server updates Zenobia’s stats accordingly.

The rule does not apply to that kind of purchase…

This sucks, was just looking for a way to gift elite account to a teammate. It is of note, however, that the bulletin says “should not” which is not a mandate against doing so.

I read on another thread that there was some issue with exploitation in gifting. Hopefully they can fix that and allow us to help our teammates who love the game but are feeling stuck in their progression. It’s more money for PG in the end.

Edit: Until the time PG allows gifting (if they do), don’t forget there are other ways to help your friends. Do a paypal transfer or buy them a visa giftcard (if PG takes that payment).

Abusus non tollit usum!

Do we have tech pips tracking this discussion? Why do we not hear anything from them?

I can’t give a gift pack to my other account. Why is that?

Please allow purchase of gift packs outside the app, but update ign stats in-app. That is, if apple does not allow gift packs in-app no more. It’s just crazy that we can’t give gifts anymore.

Gifting packs to other players never should have been in the game in the first place. It’s too open to abuse, made it easier for hackers to operate

Those who used them could cry that it wasn’t their fault, they didn’t hack… they just received ‘gifts’ from another player who told them they got ‘discounted’ packs…

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