Future Seasons’ Dragons

There’s so much unending debate about whether we should bring back old divines, but we’re all ignoring an even greater injustice that affects us all: why can’t we use future divines now? I bet Summer 2019 will have some kick-ass dragons that would be a really great addition to my current roster, but because I’m playing the game in 2017 I strongly believe that PG should bring them forward and give me the chance to try them out.

After all, we’re all slogging our guts out as we learn the ropes, breed our dragons, and grow our bases, while all those future players - some of whom haven’t even heard of this game yet - are going to get to use all of those new divines released in the future seasons, without putting in anything like the same work! If they’ll get to use those dragons, why shouldn’t we get them now? It’s grossly unfair.

My proposal is that PG introduce the Temporal Evolution Stone. By using this stone on a previous season’s divine, PG’s game servers would automatically pull some concept art from the folder of an unwitting PG artist, and use it to re-skin the dragon. It’ll also be given an arbitrary set of spells (since regardless of what spell set gets chosen, we’ll all find a reason to complain about them anyway). The stats will also be generated at random, with a 1-in-4 possibility of OP-ing the dragon until use of a subsequent Temporal Evolution Stone pulls a nerf-ed version from further in the future.

If you agree with my idea, please like it so that we can force PG to defy the rules of physics, reality, and sound business sense.


@Gox1201 this is how you satire :rofl::rofl::rofl:


No. waves finger

No I don’t agree

:thinking:Sounds reasonable.

Oh no. Don’t get this into the head of noobs to now post repeatedly. :scream:

Another one of them :roll_eyes:. This request will never go thru because:

  • why do you want an old crappie dragon but with new coat? Even if it has the new obsidian skin or whatever tier comes next, it still be a useless junk
  • the art concept for the future seasons might not even be developed yet.

I think thats the point.

I think this is a 10+ threads I read regarding bringing back dead dragons or some universal stone :roll_eyes:. Wish pg has automatically blocking system for those threads

Lol, dak, this post is making fun of those posts xD

Reread this for the third time and realized the sarcasm in here is strong :joy:


I second this amazing suggestion. The folks at the LHC might also be after these significant scientific advances PG :+1:

Just be careful how you word any criticism of these incredible ideas, it will not be welcome!

I think it’s true that the secrets of time travel could have many applications and spin-off benefits such as solving world hunger and revolutionising our civilisation. However, because I lack perspective and a sense of proportion when it comes to trivial matters within the game, I definitely think PG should make my desire for more cool dragons the absolute priority.

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I just need evolve stone for my dragons… It’s rediculous high demanding to get them… It shouldn’t be so dang hard

You obviously didn’t read the whole post did you…

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Oic. Thanks

NOOOOOOOOOO thank you!

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