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Hello all. I’ve been playing for a while now. I’ve noticed that " Less is more. " When you use your dragons. The less you use them the more xp points you get. Why is that?

Because if u use more dragons the xp splits between them

The first 3 attacks you complete with your dragons have multipliers. So the exp you recieve based on your level and the difficulty of the base multiplied. You will first recieve 5x your exp, then 4x, and your third attack will be 3x.
Afterwards you recieve up to your max exp based on your level.

Because let’s say you are attacking a base that gives you 12k xp. If you beat it with one dragon you will get 12k xp. If you beat it with 2 each dragon will get 6k xp. If you beat it with 3 then each dragon gets 4k xp. Whatever xp the base gives you will be divided in between dragons.

This is also why it’s an absolutely terrible idea to use Ryuu the water dragon on a run with any of your other dragons. He gains no xp, but if you use him and one of your normal dragons, the non-Ryuu dragon still gets half of the total amount of xp you would have gotten.

You also get more from the alliance xp (when a team mate joins you) if you leave the dragon at level one until you have accumulated enough xp to get the dragon to where you want (breeding, able to solo, or even expert if you have the patience).

The quicker you level your dragon, the less ally xp you get from subsequent runs.

(edit) - you have to complete the base (you or your backer) in order to get the ally bonus. So those that use a big base like freexp or Andy and only need a percentage of said base to get max xp will not get the ally bonus if you don’t complete the base.

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Do you know your max XP per run :thinking:?

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You can figure out the max xp per run by looking for the most challenging bases and seeing where the xp tops out at. For me at level 163, that is about 100k per run without the elite, rider, and/or ally bonuses added to the equation.

No I don’t. How and where do I look for my max xp points

Click the “attack” button
Scroll down the list to the highest level base listed
That should be your max XP shown in the matchmaking screen (before runes/rider buffs, but including research)

Was wondering why my kirin always had super high ally bonus. Now I know!

Yes especially dragons that start low like in red tier. Don’t level until you accumulation the desired amount of XP.


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It only works when dragon is in a tier atleast 4 tiers behind your current tier and I am not sure about that.
But I can agree that a red tier dragon gets insane Ally xp, even more than normal xp gained sometimes. Been there and did that with Kirin. Enough xp to directly den cap it right from level 1 doing feeding event.


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