Galaxy fold compatibility?

I do have ipad pro 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen and play the game on those when I can afford the time and space, so let’s not get into that “just buy an ipad or iphone”.

And I prefer android phones over iphones -though I still have iphones too. XD

So here I ask, would WD run on galaxy fold?

The game runs well on my note 9, but fold… has a bigger screen. :smirk:

But if fold doesn’t run the game or the performance of the game is shitter on it compared to the performance on note 9, it’s a one less reason to grab that device. :sweat_smile:

No real need of getting a fold, but it’s a new device and I just wanted an excuse to buy one. XD

I’ve heard bad issues with Ingres of foreign object (lint, sand etc) below the to surface edge already particularly along the fold line

Hmmm… so maybe just avoid the first gen?

I would. I’m sure the hardware is easily up to running the game, but apparently the screens are failing all over the place within days of release.

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I also heard there were some serious issues with the fold. I’d definitely avoid the first gen :sweat_smile:

Most importantly, YOU CAN’T transfer your account from Apple to an Android tablett/phone…

Ummm …


Avoid 1st gen, it’s not that bad as it seems but user errors are really easy with it.
The screens arre falling bcz of a pseudo screen inside the display that makes the phone run, if you were tempted to remove it 1900$ are gone so …

It’s a $2k phone that’s an entirely new design and practically guaranteed to be buggy.
I would skip the phone regardless. I’ll be shocked if I get any preorders with that nightmare of a price tag.

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Unless of course you are living after summer 2018, in that case it works fine.



Platform cross compatibility has been a thing for a while now…

Really? Never knew.:grin:. Must have missed that.

But at least know now. Thanks guys.:hugs:

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