Galaxy S8 update causing problems

Wondering if anyone knows a fix for this. On my galaxy S8 before a recent software update anytime I got a phone call Id get a small icon that I could accept or reject the call and it didnt kick me out of the game. I could even accept a call while still being in the game.

Now it doesn’t even give me the chance to, it just kicks me from the game and goes to my phone’s main answer/reject screen which means if I was in the middle of an attack I lose it.

Any clue how to block calls or change it back so this stops happening other than turning DND on and off every time?

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Tried these?

If you mean have I tried do not disturb then yes and but as I mentioned Id like to know if there is a better solution since odds are pretty good sometimes I’ll forget to switch it on. I already lost a super and had to redo 2 temple attacks to this stupid update.

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Thats why i suggested the game launcher also…

I dont have that problem…

Of course, you could just be less popular… nobody will call.

And my bad i didnt see the DND or rather i didnt know what it stood for at the time lol

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Hmm, mine looks different but Ill try playing around with a few of the options on there and see if it helps. Thanks, I forgot all about that screen (plus like 30% of the time it doesnt show up).

At least it didnt happen during our wars last week but I hate losing energy and inner fires. Damn telemarketers owe me points

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I hope it works for you, i honestly wouldnt know what else to do if it doesnt. I feel fortunate to have never had that problem with my S8active but i did have the game launcher already on it when i bought it… for high(game) performance. I do know what thats like with my S6 though and it can be infuriating… i remember one time i got a call in an atlas hit and i was doing so good too, i cussed them out and hung up :rofl:

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Took a couple of tries but playing around with that seems to have worked, hopefully it stays this time and doesnt switch back. Thanks for the help. Yeah that is infuriating, especially when it’s some garbage telemarketer call

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