Galgrim power curve?

Galgrims power seems quite off compared to other Devine dragons.

Background** I’m currently level 245 F2P emerald tier. I have currently only gotten up to Sapphire Stone for Galgrim.

Here are my current Devine dragon power levels
Prospero: emerald, level 37, 285M with Rider and gear
Gunnar: emerald, level 29, 254M with Rider and gear
Dreth: emerald, level 24, 207M with Rider and gear
Kullecid: emerald, level 24, 191M with Rider and gear
Hyaku: emerald, level 24, 171M with Rider and gear
Haku: emerald, level 24, 107M no Rider
Galgrim: Sapphire, level 32!, 12.6M no Rider!
This seems very off given the pattern of dragons getting more powerful at lower levels. Can anybody who has him maxed let me know when he starts to get closer in power to the other Devines?

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Why are you comparing a sapphire dragon to emeralds?

Galgrim will have emerald power when you evolve him to emerald.

I’m wondering why the previous season are at emerald at level 24, while Galgrim is already to level 32 at Sapphire, I know I’m not phrasing the question properly, but it seems kinda funky to me.

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Galgrim has 100 levels instead of 60. They increased the number of levels on divines this season to avoid the big power jumps with long stretches of no new levels that divines were having at lower tiers. Food and xp costs were also lowered so total food and xp to a tier are still more or less the same.

Here you can find the levels.


Thank you, that’s what I was missing!

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Because Galgrim gets level 100. They tried to smooth it out for lower levels so it wasn’t “get one level then evolve.”

I’m not sure it makes a difference, because the EXP and food required is the same. It simply gives the lower player the experience to level up more. IDK.

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Still seems odd that he will only be at 52M attack power when he catches up to my other dragons at emerald.

Take off riders, gear, 30% boosts, and runes and that’s probably what you get.
I have riderless Galgrim at max garnet with 3 runes equipped and he’s at 44.5 mil. With 30% boosts he’s at 75 mil, which is within the range of my other garnet capped divines, which range from 75 mil for Hyaku to 90 mil for Dreth. Runes play a factor in power calc, no idea how it contributes though.

52M base AP add all the realsearch bonuses + runes + rider it makes a lot of difference.

Still seems underpowered though, my emerald prospero with no Rider and no boosts is 98M, Galgrim doesn’t get that power until halfway to harbinger. I get that it eventually evens out, but compared to all the other Devines in my stable, makes him feel completely useless.

Morreion gave you the link to his tables - Prospero is 45 mil at max emerald. If you actually do have your boosts off, that means you have him runed up. Told ya runes go into the power calc.

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Dont focus on the AP too much because it’s really an arbitrary number. The DPS is the number to look at. The reason I say AP is arbitrary is because of all the variables that go into calculating AP. For example you can put a mythic warrior attack rune on galgrim and it will have the same increase to galgrim’s AP as if you put a mythic hunter attack rune on him since the rune rarity applies the same value to AP regardless of its usefulness to the dragon its equipped to. Obviously galgrim would actually be stronger with the hunter run vs the warrior rune but the AP change would be identical with all other variables the same.


evry season has new drgon,its not issue 60 or 100 lvl…i dnt care about tht.when new drgn come old drgn not used much

Not necessarily. I still use Pathox (as an example), and that was released a year ago.

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