Galvantic overload doesnt work anymore!

as the titel alreay says, this skill from rizar and jagra doesnt work anymore. does the same damage as a normal hit.


It’s not working for me either.

I don’t like that my freexp280 crusher(rizar) is rendered useless

I noticed it last night. I guess another failed dragon to the den!

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Neither do Healing Mark runes… Ferga became useless over night.

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Hopefully this can be examined

i Really hope they fix these Issue !

Don’t wanna hijack anything…

But, am trying to get it all in one place.

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That’s a relief. I though I forgot how to fly my HM dragons… :unamused::unamused:

Ferga pretty much useless right now.

Nope not working now. Does less damage then a normal attack with ferga

Just tried Galvanic Overload… about half as strong.

Agreed Galvanic Overload doesn’t work like it should. Should be renamed to Galvanic Scratch based on the damage it does. :rofl:

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“Galvanic Underwhelm”

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“Electrical Stimulation Massage”

AKA “The Tickler.”

Not working for me either

Working now.

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