Game Breaking Bug And I Don't Know What To Do

So I have a bit of a weird game breaking bug, and I REALLY don’t know what to do! I restarted to play again recently and found out something annoying! I can’t upgrade any of my buildings! When I go to choose to upgrade a tower, the game tells me that I already have a tower under construction! I went through each tower to see what may be under construction, but there is nothing! The area of the map that it directs me to is the little mineshaft at the edge of the first island, and I can see a checkmark there but when I click it it does nothing. I deleted the app, and the backup data but the issue still persists! Is there anyone that can help me out?****

Have you filed a ticket in game?

How may I do that?

Click settings (looks like a gear icon on the right)
Click “help”
Click the little write symbol to create a new ticket
Explain the issue, add screen shots if you can
Wait for a reply (only reply when they speak, as otherwise it puts you in the back of the line)

Gotcha, thanks a ton! It sure is a head scratching glitch I can tell you that.

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Screenshot your base. Post here.

Wish I could post the video, but here ya go!

I once had a weird situation with my incubator upgrading ( though i havent clicked)

Similar to this?

Wow that is freaking weird cos the ruby mine IS NOT a building :rofl:

Yeah submit ticket. This is strange.

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Just a suggestion that you read the base building guide in the Guides and Resources section of this forum once support fixes your problem.

I’ve had that glitch since the day they redesigned that area 3-ish years ago. Only NOW is it a problem. I’ve sent in a support ticket, let’s see how this goes lol.

Trust me, already done that many times. The check mark always comes back after every battle, and every relog.

Support got back and fixed the issue, man that was fast. Something odd with the Ruby Mine I guess because there is still “Build” above it. Thanks to all of you, and support!


Glad it’s been fixed :wink:


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I’m genuinely impressed by the speed! Never waited so little time! Seriously, kudos to them!

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It’s great that this problem has been resolved for you! :slightly_smiling_face: Since the problem has been fixed, I will go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to PM the moderators if you feel it needs to be reopened.