Game broken, again

So after numerous restarts, re-installing, and trying the game on different devices I can officially say: it is broken! Chat does not work, war does not work, target selection does not work… anything I missed? :roll_eyes:


Same here

European server is down more likely

Me and few other Europeans in my team have issues
Same as other European players in our league
No chats,can’t hit anything in Atlas
Can you guys check this,please :rose: @Arelyna

PG is aware of it, please be patient.


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We’re on it, and it’s a server issue not on our side.

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Again again again again … as above …

Don’t you all just feel a little bit laughed at when buying premium?

Thank you a lot🤗
Will pass this to teammates

super🙄, but wars, they continue😩

“Thanks” to the issue, we lost a castle. No chat, no way to mine gold, etc. No invitations, no attacks possible. Apparently for attackers everything is working! Wtf?

We demand to rollback that battle. Just losing soldiers, without possibility to attack, trap etc

Game broken for me as well.

Looks like all over europe, judging from team mate complaints. Let’s hope it doesn’t take until midnight, still have dragons to level for breeding. And of course my already-crippled egg missions are just sitting there…

The same for me.

Same here.

Dont worry, 1000 egg tokken for apologize coming soon🤦‍♂️

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Broken here too… I’m in UK

Down here too and ned to finish atleast one quest for an additional 100 sigils but cannt see what my quests are :rage:

Same here :rofl::rofl:

Sweden down

Of course its not on your side… why would we think that? :rofl:

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