Game bugs that can’t be reported due to a connection error

strong textI have a number of issues with the game, one example is I just trained Portia twice and the training block didn’t unlock so I lost 6 “tokens” and Portia remains untrained. Now I would love to put a ticket in but I can’t as the ticket window indicates that it failed to connect. I have retried several times to no avail? How can I get this resolved? 2018-12-02 is your friend.
Click “Sign in” in the upper right, then “Get a password” in the popup, assuming that you’ve used in-game support in the past. Use the same email as your PocketID, and then you should be able to pull up all your previous tickets too to refer to things like the Support ID.

If you haven’t, then click “Sign up” instead.

Thank you for the quick response. I have no idea where to look for either the sign in or sign up buttons. Could you please elaborate?

It says sign in in the upper right - take a screenshot :see_no_evil:

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