Game Crashes after Reinstall

I had to reinstall my game because of the Ruby drops instead of chests after event started. Since then the game (mostly atlas) is having some weird issue. When I tap once, it doesn’t register and then when I tap again both the taps register at the same time causing weird interactions. This also makes the game crash every 1 min or so and is very frustrating to deal with.

I am using iPhone XR with latest IOS version. Any one else having this issue or any idea about how this can be solved ? Please let me know. Atlas event started and I haven’t been able to do single invader run for my Gold.

I have tried restart/ reinstall many times now. Doesn’t seem to fix the issue at all.

Usually when an event goes live I get rubies from monuments, too, and I want chests, obviously.

Reinstalling the game must be your last resort (regardless what the CS says!)

What fixes the ruby/chest drop issue is pretty simple, and it works mostly, at least this season. JUst force close the game, delete the cache, and start the game.

Now, that you’ve already reinstalled it, I seriously have no idea what could be done to fix 100%. What I would do is first just try the method I wrote above, but before re-entering the game, restart your phone. (whenever you uninstall something, ALWAYS restart the device. ALWAYS. I’ve learnt this the hard way)

If it does work, we’re both happy. IF doesn’t, try a proper un/re-install. In the meantime, pray to the great god of Screw’dTeq, and hope for the best.


How do I clear cache in iPhone? Switched to one after a couple of years so not sure about this.


Tried and no difference.

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