Game crashes and now makes me a sitting duck

The game crashed mid flight when a defender joined late on a pvp attack in atlas. I restarted the app and got the message
“Please finish last attack before initiating a new one”
Now I couldn’t attack or move because of a blockade, I was essentially a sitting duck and got hit a couple times and lost all my troops with terrible glory ratio…
I searched for this bug before and people were talking about it last in December 2018 and PG said they were trying to fix it but it doesn’t look like it is? Just curious on any updates to this bug @pgEcho
And no I dont use this account on multiple devices.


This happens to me every time my game crashes during an atlas pvp run. It leaves me unable to attack sometimes for hours at a time, it’s really frustrating. Rebooting the game doesn’t help.

By any chance were you at Aligane? A lot of glitches used to happen there due to the heavy traffic. I would get lost in transit - moving there but not moving and when I try to click Move again it would say Please complete move before moving or something to that effect.

No it was not at Aligane, I’ve had those problems there but that’s more of a server lag I think because of the large amount of players.
This attack was on a castle with no more then 10 people. What I dont get is that once you leave an attack or exit in any way, the attack is over and it ends. So why give me the error please finish the attack? With the load times at like 30s plus it never will put you back in the same attack

Not necessarily true. If you are the lead attacker and you quit while a follower is using a dragon the attack will continue

Finishing an attack the normal way (100% destruction, run out of dragons, press quit button while on dragon selection screen) is different from a crash or force quitting the app. Presumably this is why there’s a delay if you crash but there really ought to be safeguards in place to prevent people from being locked out for longer than it’s possible for an attack to finish

Wait I thought if I was the lead, then switch and exit, it actually ends the attack for everyone?
And yes I agree with there being a time limit, I think I’ve seen the max time at 150 seconds, so not sure why after that about of time the error would still occur. People were saying even 10+ mins.
Idk how long exactly I was locked out cause I ended being hit and lost all my troops/primarch

It does not. This was actually used as a war tactic to keep defenders busy while the initial attacker hit again

10min seems a fairly reasonable cap. Though I’m not sure why it can’t detect abnormal battle termination properly in the first like it does in events. I will say it is very important to prevent multiple simultaneous attacks by a player in Atlas though


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