Game crashes constantly since event started

Im playing on a galaxy s8+, and before event the game crashed every now and then. Since the event started, i can barely make an attack in the event without the game crashing and closing out. Is anyone else having this issue? And yes, i have submitted a ticket, as well as unistalled, cleared cache, and reinstalled multiple times.

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S8’s have a special relationship with this game…

Yea, i hate it, but it is so true

I have an s8+ but I don’t share your struggle

You are lucky then. Didn’t happen with my s7, but with s8 is when I started having issues.

Its punishment for joining the non-master Race :see_no_evil:

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im playing most of the times on my S8 aswell and have no issues

playing on Ipad only at home

iOS device always runs smoother but i cant share your struggle :frowning:

Yes it won’t let me attack

Anyone have issues on an s9? If not then I might go get one

try clearing War Dragon’s cache whenever a PvP event starts. Do it at least once every other day during the event (or once everyday if you experience the crash more often)

It should be Setting > Application Manager > War Dragons > Clear Cache

Not a fix, but its something

Thanks, ill give that a try

Actually, the correct answer to it crashing and stuff is:

You don’t want to play. It’s too buggy and overloaded, the game just isn’t ready for you to play it right now.

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