Game crashes when I follow my teammates with a vanguard tier dragon



Sorry if this is already being discussed (I tried using the search and found no threads on this issue), I read a lot but don’t post much but I was wondering if we could get any feedback on if this issue is being looked at and or close to being patched. I thought at first that it was just an issue with Jotun, and I submitted a ticket about my game closing whenever I follow a teammate with him but now it is happening with Balahm also. Please PG can we get some feedback on if these dragons are going to be useful for more than farming.




Please report issues in-game to our Support Team so they can be escalated to the proper people internally. Thank you!


I did report this to the support team a couple weeks ago and the response was we know about this issue. Thats why I came here looking for more information.

Thanks for your response


Speaking of issues, why is it my responsibility to respond every 4 days to keep a ticket open? Why would you close tickets that haven’t been fixed?


It’s an automated process from the system, there are more folks who leave tickets to automatically close than there are those who still need to resolve their issue.


Thanks @PGCrisis I really do appreciate the feedback and I will work on keeping them open on ongoing issues.


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