Game crashes when opening messages


am i the only one that crashes A LOT as in 2 out of 3 times when i open new messages especially “news” from PG?

its been occuring for roughly 3 patches on both of my phones. very annoying…


Same here but it’s very random. I’ll go a few news notes and it doesn’t crash then suddenly it finds a message it doesn’t like and keeps crashing lol


I had this issue on my Android but never on Apple. After upgrading my phone I have had no issues however. Just my personal issue fixed, best of luck!


Not on my iPad Air 2, but yes, my iPhone 6 Plus does constantly. I had to hard reboot the phone about 6 times just so I could check and delete invites in regular email. System emails I was able to delete. The while in the mail, the screen just freezes and I have to hit the power button to close and reopen (that is actually an improvement, before had to do the [home]-[Pwr] to even get control of the phone, now I can by pressing the power button, but takes at least one hard reboot to gain enough control to delete at least a few. This is on my @Arysalr account.


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