Game crashes when screen flips on Android

There was an OS update recently on Android and ever since I updated my phone the game crashes when my screen rotates. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to lock my screen from flipping so if I tilt my phone too much or set it down it causes the game the close. Anyone else experiencing this issue or know how to work around it?


I’m also having this problem. Ever since the recent WD update, and android/samsung updates right after, my phone and the game are no longer playing nice with each other. :face_with_head_bandage::sob:

I dont have this issue but you could maybe turn off auto-rotate in android settings to prevent it from happening

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I’ve tried but it still flips the screen

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Im on android and havent experienced this (if you mean normal rotating). There has been a long time glitch where sometimes the screen will rotate from landscape to portrait and then the game crashes but that’s not just normal screen rotation since the game is locked into landscape orientation. If I turn my phone upside down though it doesnt crash

It is after UI5.0 android 13 update it started hapenning.
I logged a ticket explaining the issue and got generic "try to restart your phone, try connect to different wi fi " response…
It crashes during screen rotation

Reinstalling the game didnt work either.


Mine flips from landscape to landscape if i tilt it, and then crashes. It didnt used to, but started after a system update this past week.

My family’s android devices do not have the said issue. All updated to the lastest too.

Ouch I know flipping is annoying but didn’t know that can cause potentially a frame rate problem on an Android heck it’s annoying on my IPad when I’m in a flight. Not really much worth posting because don’t know this just felt like I should mention that flips get annoying and it’s probably relatable as much as it causes crashes on other peoples ends.

I just noticed this issue today on my Android. Going froandscape to landscape cause yhe game to completely close out.


Yep so almost any time I set my phone down it closes the game unless im super careful. I can’t find a way to lock the screen so it doesn’t flip at all


Same issue here… very annoying. I have the fold phone and there is no send button visable to send gold in atlas also.:pensive:

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Sigh… well, my stupid phone updated without my permission and now I’ve got this problem too

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I was able to get this masterpiece on iOS


You could flash the older version on your phone though…

Might as well be speaking Greek, no clue what that means :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :person_shrugging:

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Okay, here goes.

Αλλά μπορείτε να αναβοσβήσετε την παλαιότερη έκδοση στο τηλέφωνό σας



Flashing back os is out of option.

This problem is 100% wd software bug and needs to be fixed by only PG that has access to source and compile option.

I’ve seen exact same problem with ios and so it doesn’t concern only android phones too.

Support can not help either, as they’re not able to fix the source code and just can provide with regular restarting/reinstall app option solution only.

Message to op: imo, just tag pg in order to get attention and response as non of us can fix or provide a solution.

I’m yep apples too

Same issue with me in 3 different devices.

It’s annoying.