Game crashes while trying to summon primarch

I have joined an atlas team recently. Now when I try to summon primarch my game crashes. I contacted PG and did whatever they suggested but to no avail. They said multiple accounts in the device may cause the problem. So I deleted all other accounts except the account I play WAR DRAGON but still it is crashing. Friends if someone has any suggestion please help. Thanks.

what phone do you use? enough storage space? enough memory left?

done the usual procedures? e.g. rebooting, reinstalling.

Redmi note 4. I have enough space. I have rebooted, reinstalled. Even deleted all other accounts from the device.

That issue exist since i have atlas(several years) primarchs that cant find way home, cant summon, sync errors etc.

When doesn’t the game crash and/or fail to load content properly

That has been a problem since time immemorial. And support is mostly not helpful. But if you are diligent enough to follow-up on that, this is the internal ticket number assigned to this problem DRG-89080.

After 36 hours I wasted with them on mails now they tell me my phone is outdated. This is the support I got from help and support team. They say for the game my phone is OK but to play atlas it is outdated :joy::joy::joy::joy:. God bless them.

It’s been going on for awhile…

@Mahdur pretty sure it’s not a device issue.

was giving him the usuals. :rofl: :joy:

This issue was here since Very beginning I guess. It more like part of the game now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Now it has deteriorated further. Everything I open the game there is something missing. Sometimes the event section is not there again sometime the atlas button is missing. I don’t know what to do.

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My problems are further deteriorating. Now I can’t even go hunting. I wrote to them but now they are not even replying. I don’t know what to do

Friends just because I was complaining they have blocked my game. Is it justified? I was having an elite account which means I was spending money. How can they do this??

You’re not alone. I’m having some of the exact same problems as you. Certain times i load the game, atlas button is missing. When it is there, it does not let me access saying i’m not connected to the internet :joy:. At the rare time i do connect and try to attack a beast/mine, it says that the player is on a different game version. WTF?! This has been happening since morning and issues like this have never happened before.
BTW, can i know where you’re based?

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There’s a lot of issues with atlas right now. Everyone is having them

Looks like a fix was put in place for the issues that cropped up yesterday. I don’t believe this in any way address the lag issues of the last 20 days that affect: movement, castle battle lag (attacks not counting) or issues in heavy traffic areas.