Game crashing after claiming event prizes

It’s in the title but every 2nd time I claim an event prize either in normal or atlas, the game crashed. I am on android, anyone experiencing similar?


Did you claim them too fast? That can cause the game to crash because the servers have issues with you claiming the prizes all at once.

I’m crashing and freezing mad crazy after update. Tried uninstall and reinstall, restarting phone. Done with it for the night, very frustrating. Can join an attack, freeze, sync error. Can’t attack freeze. Event prize, sync error, crash restart.

On android

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very often for me. usually after a fly, when i try to claim reward, game crashed. reload again and I can claim the prize

Same here. I’m on android also. I claim a few prizes and it crashes.

Same here. I’m on android also.Game crash freeze. I claim 1 gold chest and nothing.I also have 200 sigils and i can’t used!!!

I did.
What @DeadlySinsMHS wrote is a good fix; won’t last forever but gives enough time to claim any prizes. Also means you’ll have to wait a little while the first time re-opening for Atlas to load.

Nah I claim slowly, also crashes after I build troops every now and then

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