Game down? Or nah

Avatars not loading, can talk in chat to other people but can’t look at their info. Keep getting a can’t connect to internet message but it clearly can as I’m talking to someone else in lc. Can’t attack. Basically everything’s down but we can talk in chat

This is the message all got before it happened.

Everyone now is teamless.

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I am getting the same thing! I have players online to do their war attacks also but can’t because of the stupid error. So we are going to lose the war by 1 flame…

I was just fiddling with my wifi to try and fix this lol. Same thing happening. Can’t chat nor send in-game mails. :frowning:

:open_mouth: I’ve just sent this off to the events team for investigation. Are you unable to get into the event specifically or the entire game? Please let me know - the more details, the better! :slight_smile:

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The whole game is screwed atm

I can get into the game, but the message won’t go away even when I press it a ton of times lol. Can’t do much.

We can get in the game with no problem. We can’t do anything but chat though.

Well this is certainly the weirdest thing I’ve heard of in a while…haha. Thank you for the information. I’m sending all of this to our team right now.


Errors here, error s there …and when there is no 404errpr her eyes I have to sign in every damn time

Not enough coffee to get me through the morning

I have the same issue. I can get into game and chat works when the dialog box isn’t popping up, but can’t attack or anything else.

Weirdest thing you’ve heard of in a while? That’s dating yourself as a newbie for sure. This is common place. Most of us knew we had the night off from the game with this new update coming.


Problem solved for me and my team. It looks like it should be good now. Restart the game please !

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See, even my typing has errors :pensive:

I look like I am drunk

Sounds like there was a deployment “hiccup” that should be sorted now. For anyone experiencing this, please try restarting your game and let me know if you are continuing to encounter this error message!

Everyone makes mistakes. We are but humans. :slight_smile:

Working now. Quick work.

I am unable to send War Reminders to my team. It says only the leader and officers can send reminders… I am the leader of my team…

I’ve the same issue. And Team Quest in Season is too bad😥
Not like before

Yikes! That’s no good

Dont change team quest like this, please