Game economy issues

The game economy has changed in the last few months, so I’m making a list of current scarcities. These are resources that have very tightly constrained supplies, with no or limited means of getting more:

Resource: Rune dust
Level of severity: Extreme

Rune dust was almost completely removed from the game economy for the last season. Spring has “more” rune dust in the seasonal lines, but the amount is still completely inadequate: the sum of one winter branch + one spring branch’s worth of rune dust is still not enough to upgrade a single mythic rune to expert. You also get two other runes. We also have a shortage induced by the previous season’s near-complete absence of dust. And I hear rumors that, in ancient times, people could actually upgrade non-season runes, too.

The current amount of dust is not still not enough to raise a single mythic rune to an expert level. There isn’t an alternative source of dust, so this is crippling for anyone who started in the last 4 months. It’s an entire part of the game that people can’t access.

Recommended fix: the amount of dust in current lines should probably be doubled. Ideally, the difference should be credited to anyone who claimed existing rewards, because merely putting these changes in future branches will cause the backlog of level 1 runes to grow.

Alternatively, rune dust drops in silver chests could be raised by a factor of 100x and dust from salvaging runes raised by a factor of 10x, but this seems unlikely.

Resource: Black pearls
Level of severity: Extreme

Black pearls have been removed from all seasonal reward lines. The only current source of them is in gold chests, where they drop in 225/100 quantities, i.e. nowhere near enough to level up perches at any sane rate.

The only reason this isn’t as much of a problem is that perches aren’t incredibly useful for people who started in the last 4 months, and supplies were more plentiful before then. Still, it does cripple our ability to compete in feeding events, and as long as those exist, this hurts us.

Recommended fix: change legendary pearl drop quantities to 1.0-1.5k. No one thinks that pearls are more valuable than embers, and gold chests are the only source of pearls.

Resource: Fire/Ice shards
Level of severity: moderate

Fire and ice shard claims in seasonal branches have been sharply decreased. This is probably a good thing, since most people who’ve been playing for 9+ months have too many of them. However, the drop rates for them from gold chests are extremely low in all events (6-7%), so if the seasonal rewards aren’t sufficient for your needs, there isn’t a good way to get more.

Recommended fix: raise probability of shard drops from gold chests in 1-2 events. If fortification only, increased incidence in gold chests should come at the expense of tower boosts and lumber pack drops. If fortification and breeding, increased incidence should come at the expense of tower boosts and XP potion drops. No one likes seeing those in gold chests, and it’s worse when there are real shortages.

Resource: Healing potions
Level of severity: situational

Healing potions are required in large numbers during fort/feeding events, because those events rely heavily on grind. But their drop rates are low, and (unless something changed during the last one) the bronze chests’ 5x healing potion rare drops do not appear during fort events, meaning that if you run out, you can’t feasibly grind your way out.

This is less bad than the other shortages because there are actually things you can do to prepare for it (by grinding/buying up a stockpile of 200-400 potions toward the end of the preceding PVP event, or 400-800 if you suspect a fort+feeding event sequence), but this is a horrible solution, especially since feeding has an unpredictable schedule.

Recommended fix: introduce 5x healing potions as rare drops during fortification, increase frequency of common and rare healing potion drops during feeding (at the expense of frequency of tower boosts).

Resource: Hammers
Severity: Varies based on league. Extreme in Diamond, nonexistent in low gold

Hammer spam is the primary way to defend bases, and hammers are hard to come by. They appear in 1x quantities from bronze chests during some events, and in moderate quantities team prizes, and I believe that’s it. For any high gold team on up, the supply is a real issue.

Recommended fix: This one is hard because there isn’t a good, existing, plentiful source of hammers. Rare 5x drops in bronze chests? Increase hammers in team prizes on per-league basis, based on per-league weekly usage stats? More hammers as Atlas prizes, under the assumption that the more competitive teams will need them more? Hammer packs that can be bought for gems in the forge? Significantly boost hammer drop rates from defending / shooting down dragons? Not sure.

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These are all situational. The only way to appease everyone is to modify drops for gold chests based on the inventory of each player.


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I’ve had black pearls drop off bronze chests as well.

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The supply of three of them has been sharply constrained for the last four months. They affect everyone who started in that time period or didn’t have large stockpiles before then. There is no way to avoid that situation.

The reason I say they are all situational is because they are. Here you state raising the probability of shards which I would be more than pissed about.


I’m asking for it in one event, which is the one event during which people use shards. To be clear, you’re saying that you prefer to get more tower boosts and lumber packs, and that this need trumps the need of everyone who doesn’t have huge stockpiles of shards from 4+ months ago?

  1. Yes I’d rather have lumber packs.
  2. I already said what I thought would be the “fair” option that literally pleases every player (below). Double the drops for people that have under 100k, and remove the drops for people that have over 300k if you really want.

What the big hammer shortage?


I didn’t realize that was a serious suggestion, but, sure, your suggestion would also be good. Pearls probably need 5-7x increases.

Static drop rate changes are a lower-effort solution to implement (one-line CSV change) than demand-based drop quantity scaling (requires programming), so I guessed the former had higher likelihood of being implemented in the near future. If you have reason to believe the latter is likely, that’s great.

I get that it would be easier, but it would also harm/anger/suck for late game players. Just my 2 cents.

Though this code already exists with the miracle code anyway.

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Also why were elemental embers not mentioned…

I’m pretty sure that as Red stated, it’s situational. I personally don’t equip most mythic runes because most of them are garbage. I salvage many, including all the shitty mythic ones. I upgrade whichever runes I can use, usually wisdom and rage runes, with no issues.

Potions I’ve never had an issue with. Hammers, I tend to agree with there being a shortage of those. Elemental shards and embers I’ve never had an issue getting, nor pearls.

I have so many fire tower and ice towers that are level 1 in storage, like 300+ of each and I still have 100k of each shard just chilling.

I think a solid solution to your perceived lack of these items would be for them to add good quantities to team quests. Something like 50 hammers, 30 potions, 5k shards or embers. 1k pearls. Maybe to the second to last team quest prize?


Flagged as off-topic because they were off-topic.

Because steps were taken to address them. The amount in seasonal branches was raised, drop quantities were raised, drop percentages were raised. If you need them, you can get them from gold chests in most events, including the one when it’s beneficial to spend them. Thread is about resources that you actually can’t get in needed quantities, even if you focus on them.

Won’t work. Last three team prizes are usually only accessible to sapphire+ teams, most of the players on which have been around since the shard glut. I.e., this will mostly give resources to people who already have too many. (With the exception of hammers; by all means, give saph/diamond leaguers more hammers.)

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Ok, I’d like demand-based drops. If they aren’t on the table, is there any event in the game that you’d be okay with raising shard drops during? Ideally this would be one during which endgame players don’t usually open chests; I thought fortification was the closest thing to that.

Bear in mind that the current shortage is a result of the drop rate having already been sharply decreased. They’re currently at around ~8% of legendary drops during fortification, i.e. the event during which they drop in the highest quantities. For other events, it seems to be at around 3%.

I don’t think “there should be some way–gold chests, event performance, season branches, something–to get key resources in the game” should be a controversial point.

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This relates because most of what you mention is situational and depends on the player.

For example, spenders typically have a ton more of healing Potions earned from gold chests. There I incorporate different event segments with different types of drops. Chests are still chance but players can choose which event / segment would be the best for the their personal goal.

The only one that is not based on the player is rune dust. It’s just extremely scarce. The only players who have tons are either players who don’t upgrade runes much or very old players (game experience not age lol). Red for example has a lot of rune dust because she’s been playing for a very long time. That’s just my thoughts

I’d be more in favor of increasing the amount rather than the % drop. That way it doesn’t take the spot of something else.

Actually, it’s my less active accounts that have the most rune dust since they don’t upgrade runes often. Even with my main I have to hoard it and pick what I want to upgrade.


Yes, drop rate isn’t necessarily an issue, but quantity per drop is lacking.


The only way is to allow purchases of different chests.
Defense chests, building resources chests, and food and lumber chests etc.

There are simply too many items that are included in the gold chests. You cannot appease all the players by offering just one chest type.

I disagree. I think people could be happy with inventory dependent chest drops. A basic suggestion would be:

Ice Shards
Player has less than 50k, drop increases by x%
Player has 50-200k, drop does not change
Player has more than 200k, drop reduces by y% (super close to 0)

I should also mention that this basic code already exists in some way with miracles when they were around. It said:

Player has 0 miracles, drop is X%
Player has 1+ miracles, drop is 0%.