Game freezing after 5.13 Update

As the title states, my game keeps freezing after updating to 5.13. Each time I load into the game, it automatically just freezes and I can’t do anything

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Update again. You probably only did 5.12

No, I did update to 5.12 earlier this week. I also updated to 5.13 a few minutes ago

Have you tried this?

Verified as running 5.13. And yes, it keeps on freezing although my freezes seem to be tied to chat. Bringing up the keyboard or cancelling and putting it away seem to hang the app. Sometimes pressing home and restoring recovers but I’ve also had it crash or hang for as long as I’m willing to wait.

iPad Pro, 12.9 2nd gen, OS 13.3

same problem here. The game keeps crashing and closing when I try to open the chat.

maybe this is to try to get y’all to do things in real life and stop chatting with your online buddies :thinking:

I just deleted and reinstalled the game. That seems to have solved the problem for now

Updated and now stuck on loading screen with a message coming up telling me I have to be connected to the net :roll_eyes:

I have at least one player unable to log in AFTER she’d already successfully logged in w 5.13 started event logged out because of the usual collections of prizes issue and now can’t get back in

the game keep freezing during breeding.
i dont know whats going on.
from my opinion the game quality is trending down.
i never played a game and keep crashing like this game.
we need the answer from the providers please.

Same… deleted app updated to 5.13
Now Atlas crashes and App reboots

i did delete the game 3 times and keep freezing during breeding

i did delete the game 3 times and keep freezing during breeding

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