Game freezing while attacking

My screen keeps freezing when I start an attack, I lose out on a heap potion and a dragon and not to mention I can’t finish the stack. It’s been happening a lot lately. Anyone else having this issue?

I have the same issue with perfect connection
Super annoying
I’ll try to add video

I have had this happening since the iOS 11 update. I also play on another device, and I can see inputs are still being accepted from the frozen device, but the screen is not updating. It will also display a message that the attacker had a slow internet connection. Which isn’t 100% just the device is not sending information back very quickly.

Sometimes I can get Siri to switch application, most of the time I have to do a hard reset on the device.

Do you mean like this? I did encounter this trying to back up my teammate’s xp runs. We both checked our connections that were perfect, tried different connections… To no avail. Very annoying bug!

try using data instead of wifi…it seems the signal will hang on wifi connection for 24 hours for each new update rolls out

If you are playing with any resolution over 1080, lower it. Thats what fixed every carashing problem for me.

No,not like this
When defender have bad connection,my game will be frozen for about 16 seconds
BUT if you will cast the spell with timer(like elemental barrier or cloak) it will keep going
And after that you won’t be able to use it again,since it will take the time to “reload” it
It’s super annoying in wars
Just imagine,when I’m reachi island and my game is frozen,and then I can’t use Necryx EB, and I’m absolutely helpless
I’m using latest IOS and IPhone 7
My friend has the same on IPhone 8,so it’s not about device

I tried using two wifi connections and my data, it never passed. I did one run with the teammate before and it passed. Not the second time. I could not follow him anymore.

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