Game froze and not even 1 shot fired had 0% damage done on my wildfire attack and didn’t receive it

I worked very hard to get my wildfire to have the game freeze up on me and I didn’t fire one shot. I put in a ticket and was told to go to in game store and get rss for a super with 3 innerfires?!? I’m not sure how that’s even remotely cool?!?! I’m not asking for any free rubies or anything I didn’t earn! I know they can see that 0% damage was delt during that wildfire attack and would just like to get it back. Anyone able to give me ideas on how to go about this? Thanks very loyal player

Wow I was give. 3 innerfires and 2 energy packs I guess that’s somehow equal to a wildfire witch it’s nkt even close but oh well hope no one else has these issues

How many runs worth is a wildfire? Answer: 5
How many runs worth is two energy packs? Answer: 8



I mean It’s really only 2 innerfires because one was lost that was equipped to that dragon! And I went to buy energy bolts with my 2 packs and it’s rate atm is 5 for 16 energy a d a super is 20 energy bolts so I can confused on there math!!!

I would love to see 1720 points earned from 2 innerfires and 2 energy case!!! Because that’s very what I get from wildfires!!! If it’s possible I’m doing this game so wrong!!!

Well, or 1.66 if you’re playing a little more intensively… 30 packs for 100 energy (25 runs).

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