Game goes in to Sync-restart error when upgrading base


Hi Jared.
I have been dealing with an issue since September 5th that has not been fixed
I am not going to rehash everything but I need your help. Peter, one of your support techs started helping me with a new issue likely related to the September issue. I upgraded a perch and the unending restarting began.
After repeated requests, he rolled back my account to before I upgraded the perch. That fixed the issue. At that point I did not know that any upgrades would trigger the issue. I upgraded a red mage and I went back to hellish restarting issue.
I requested to Peter to rolled back my account one last time to 10/20/17 at 11:15 am PDT. That was just before I upgraded the red mage. I told him that would allow me to finish the event and keep playing while you guys figure once and for all what’s screwing up my account. He rolled back my account to back to when the perch issue began. NOT HELPFUL!
I implored with him and all of you to please fulfill my request. I was denied.
Lets face it< I’ve waited two months for one ticket that is still not resolved. There is ticket from May that is still not resolved and now I’m being told to be patient while you fix this. In the meantime, I can’t play.
Forgive me but, I know you would not fix this anytime soon.
So please reset my account to my requested date. I have images of everything my account had at that point so you guys can put everything back. I gave details through in game messaging and emails.
So far nothing and basically the one event that matters is gone
So again please can you help?

Thank you



Not sure if it applies but I remember something about a bug with the rider for a perched dragon meant to speed build times wasn’t working and we shouldn’t try to use it until fixed.

Never mind, you already know that. Why not bump your old thread rather than opening a new one?


Likely related to that but it is my account, that much they have admitted to.
I have no riders on perch anymore since when issue happen on September 5th it wiped my Nydryr and rider off the perch. Ever since it has been crap


I’m not seeing any tickets for “OchKan”. Is there another name it could be under?


Likely under AuburnClaw. That’s my alt and unrelated to the issue


@OchKan @PGJared is this thread a duplicate of this previous thread, or is there some new issue?

Can't upgrade Perch

I came to find out that the overall issue is that I can’t upgrade anything, if I do my game goes into Sync-restart hell
Peter was helping me but then he didn’t want to reset my game for a second time after I found out that I couldn’t upgrade anything. He actually undid the one thing that helped, leaving me in even worst shape
My frustration has boiled over, I keep being asked to parient, like 2 months gave not been enough. Because of his refusal I couldn’t do the event. I have worked hard and spent lots of money to become a strong player and I really needed this event to get close to getting Moonfang.
My account has had problems for over 5 months. I opened tickets that don’t get resolved. And now I can’t play. It is not acceptable after spending so much money.
So I now have raised this all the way to Jared


By the way sorry, I sent a message basically saying the same thing you said which actually makes me happy because you guys see what I see
Thank you



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