Game graphics going crazy


Does anyone else have problems like this ? I’m on android and have to restart the game several times to get it back to normal.


My friend had that kind of graphic glitch very early after the implementation of the new UI graphics, but in his chat, I don’t remember if he did anything special to solve the problems, but there’s a chance you are asked to clear your cache memory and restarting… However I am not a professional, so maybe wait until you get a reply from an official source before doing anything. You may also tag your thread as ‘bug’ I suppose. :wink:


Yes, all the time. Several where the screen just goes black but it’s still on War Dragons.


This game is a disaster on Android compared to IOS. Game crashes/frame rate stutters/graphical glitches/slow loading defending team mates etc.


I’ve posted about this here.

It’s better we report the same bug on one thread so PG can keep track of things easily.

Thank you


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