Game locking up phone

My wife’s account is unplayable, whenever she opens the game it freezes within 30 seconds and completely locks her phone up. She has to literally turn her phone off to get it off the wardragons screen. She has been going through this for about a week. Support hasn’t helped much she has deleted and reinstalled, updated, all kinds of stuff. The only change that happened recently is when we got atlas. She has an iPhone 6+ with latest updates and has been playing for years on this device. @pgjared @campus_lifer

Not sure how to tag campus lifer

Ask her to try:

I had a similar issue on Android not iOS when I added the defender rider to a dragon and then put them on my perch. I eventually managed to get him removed from perch before game froze on me and then the issue instantly resolved itself after I opened the app again. If she recently added that rider to the perch, you may want to try removing it and see if it helps.

Same problem with mine too, I fixed it by getting a new phOne so sadly can’t help.

Frustrating as hell and seemed worse when battery was low or phone on charge.

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