Game on and cant play

Go to game can’t participate in game play timer says 23 h - seconds till i can battle . Tells me i need battle seige to go to forge nothing in forge to getinto battles???

you must be new. the first 24 hour is for you to attack bases like you normally do. While you are doing that, you get chests drop with the content is what you need for event. You can do event after the timer “23h” end

You mean the event? The first 24 hours is a “treasure hunt” phase where you only get items by doing normal attacks on players, not event attacks. Once the “treasure hunt” phase is over come the actually event where you can battle for king of the hill. Hope this helps but you still have aprox 13hrs till the event fighting starts

Not the .forge…The armory. You get them in chests.

Thank you for the information!! But my game tells me I cant join teammates in attack help teammates in a battle because they have a uppgrade I believe i have the same as they do!!!

update your game to version 4.16 if you haven’t.

If it is not showing up. re-install the game.

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