Game Play changes to reduce Early Quitting in Atlas - Official Discussion Thread

Hello Dragon Lords,

Today we’re going to go into a bit more detail about our plans for battling Early Quitting in Atlas. We detailed last month that the intent is going to be changing how the scaling of Glory worked to help disincentivize leaving the match before the 50% mark. We want to also note that there are many factors that go into the calculation and we are only changing 1 of them.

Previously the Glory earned from attacks would scale based on how much of the base was damaged starting from 0% to 70%, which scaled Glory by .10 to .90 respectively. This made it so after quitting the game you would still gain a significant amount of Glory if you quit the attack at 40%.

Break Point Scaling Factor
0% Destroyed .10
70% Destroyed .90
3-Flame 1.00
5-Flame 2.00

In this update we’ve reworked the Glory scaling system to have the Glory scale linearly after reaching 40% destroyed with the base. This means that the Glory earned will be scaled at .10 until reaching 40% of the base destroyed. Once you get to 40% base destroyed it will start scaling from .10 to .90 until you get to 70% base destroyed.

Break Point Scaling Factor
0% Destroyed .10
40% Destroyed .10
70% Destroyed .90
3-Flame 1.00
5-Flame 2.00

When can we see these changes?

We’re currently aiming to have these new parameters out on March 1st. Of course, this is the current projected time and actual dates could change. Please stay posted here for any updates if we plan to change the date of release.

As always, we’ll be monitoring the changes we implement and feedback from the community.



See the original post here.

Update (12:18pm PT): The release date of the gameplay change will be pushed to March 10th.

Update (12:49pm PT): The changes has been implemented and will be active once the PvP downtime has ended.

What are your thoughts on the changes?
  • 5-Flames (Positive)
  • 50% Base Destruction (Neutral)
  • 0% Base Destruction (Negative)

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I think the Change is good, but does this apply to troops killed not just glory. People don’t early quit for glory but rather to finish faster so that specific wording could be improved for my small potato brain

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Glory depends on how many troops die so I’d say that yeah, it applies


The only issue I see is when larger players or teams attack smaller ones - often quitting early on a counter snipe is the only way to defend your castle… this makes that extremely difficult when countering against a 100b base…


Krefeeble and don’t give them good glory. Make them work for it


What I thought just needed to confirm lol

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This change means now if you use a sieger you dont waste 15k troops to some guy who counters you with 1k by early quitting . This is a big change that was needed and early quitting is not even an intended mechanic .


I think, the offensive team should gain some advantage over the defending team. Most current Atlas mechanics are very in favor of the defenders. At least the glory scaling should favor the offense.

You still can quit early…you will still kill the same amount of troops, since this hasn’t changed. But you will get less glory from an unsuccessful attempt, which is a good thing. Lose to win is a crappy concept in my books


I want 70% or nothing. But I’ll take it tho. Better than nothing.


I am somewhat okay with 70% quits. No, it isn’t ideal but this is still a big improvement


This was exactly my thought process! I’ve never played a game where losing = winning. I’m glad they’re implementing some changes, and I hope it will help with actually being able to use my sieger again.


Great update :raised_hands:


I dont really understand the idea of rewarding quitting below 70% at all. You failed the run and ran away, you should get 0 glory and 0 troop recovery if you chose to quit. Frankly it seems more like an exploit that should be punished. If you died below 70% then ok, that’s totally different, but as soon as you press the quit button then everything should scale to 0 for the attacker


I think this is a good change myself. It is the middle ground between 70% or nothing while still allowing for defenders to quit early for defensive purposes.

The point of quitting early at say 50% (not 20%) was not for the glory, but for killing their troops before they could complete their run. You knew you would get less glory per troop, more troops killed, horrible revive rate, but it would discourage people who hit you over and over again because they could. It was, and still is, a good defense against snipers.

However, in large castle battles, it would become downright insane. Work in the primarch stats and it would make quitting early “profitable glory”, just encouraging it’s use during large battles. Now it will be less so.

The cat and mouse game continues.


So unless I’m misunderstanding something, I believe the % destruction and flames gives you a multiplier on your primarchs attack stat which has a direct influence on how much glory you get from any atlas interaction. I’m pretty sure THAT is what’s being changed, the attack stat multiplier. So you’ll actually kill fewer troops, lose more troops, and acquire less glory.


The scaling factor that is referenced above is that attack stat multiplier which feeds into the overall “combat ratio”, yes; so, I completely agree with the rest of your assessment.


If that’s the case, I like the change even more. You should be punished for quitting early. You shouldn’t benefit from losing. You shouldn’t benefit from a failed attack.


Can someone break this down into layman terms?

Say I 5 flame and kill 6000 with 3000 so I get 4.5k glory

If I quit under the same battle at 50% and 70% how does that affect troop loss/glory. I’ve always been a little confused about the dynamics of 70% anyway

Scaling probably affects your attack stats in the calculation which in turn affects the kill ratio.

From what I can understand, having 100 attack vs 100 defense and at 50% destruction (which lets say 0.5 scaling) puts your attack stats to 50 vs 100 defense. So instead of a 1:2 kill ratio, it becomes like 1:1 kill ratio or a bit worse than that (1:0.75?).

Glory will be the same since its based on the MIN of both troop loss (0.75 for every killed troops and 1.5 for every troop lost and it gives you whichever is lowest between the 2)

Someone can probably explain it better, but this is from what I can understand.

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