Game Play changes to reduce Early Quitting in Atlas - Official Discussion Thread

So currently you kill 6k and lose 3k at 5 flames

If you 3 flamed you’d kill 6k and lose 6k.

Now if you kill 50% you might lose 9k.

But if you kill 39% if I understand it right the multiplier has dropped from 2x down to 0.1x meaning you lose 20x the troops. So you’d lose 15k and kill 1.5k. (I might have the math wrong.)

Basically you don’t kill any troops unless you kill 40% and even then it’s really bad until you reach 70%.

Don’t be a small player without end game dragons and gear or you’re screwed if a big player starts hitting you and comes back while enfeeble is on cooldown. Some bullies might even do it for easy glory knowing X% of the castle owners team will fail to get 40% killed.


This game should encourage players to attack bases they may not be able to defeat. This change does the exact opposite.

This change will make it even easier for high level players to bully low level teams (which already happens a lot).

I understand the problem you are trying to solve, but this is not the solution.


My favorite is the red line… :thinking:


Yes, this is a good improvement for real battles, but when a small team faces bullies, whether they are pirates ( who will never be punished because I realized they are the biggest spenders in Atlas) or some questionable team ( when I see a high ranked team sniping, I understand desperate times have come for them) it becomes painful. When you see 200s 300s drained daily by 500s and up, it’s just not right.


It’s a fair balance when quitting early is the only way to counter snipers.

Favors big teams and big players a lot.


Can we also tighten the glory bands then per den level and not so much team lvl?

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Thanks so much this helps a lot

That would be sweet. It’s crazy to only get 50% on someone who drops down to a lower tier team.


While I feel that it is positive to limit or dissuade players from exploiting early quits, this change, in its simplicity, seems to largely cater towards only that one subset of attacks.

It also inherently penalises anyone who attempts to attack a player and is defeated due to good defense, re-enforcing behaviours of hitting down. We want people to attack their level and higher and not be deterred any more by defense than the multiplicative stat boosts and strategic difficulty already does. How is this behaviour going to be addressed?

I strongly hope that this change is just the first step in a series of more comprehensive changes that will collectively achieve more balance in the Atlas attack mechanics.

Edit: I have been wondering if concomitant defender/backer dependent and dragon den decay model attack ratio multipliers would help but am not entirely happy with the derived formula yet to post at this time.


One of the big issues in atlas is that you get rubbish glory when defending, which is one reason why it is hard for players to level their trappers.

With this change, if you prevent the attacker from getting to 40%, you get ZERO glory.

Looking at my battle logs, most attackers either get <10% on my base, or >70%. So when defending this change would mean I kill more enemy troops but actually get a lot less glory per troop lost than before.

Edit: Hmm coffee hadnt kicked in yet. What I’ve posted is rubbish. In this case there would be no change with the new glory scaling.

More on you are maximizing the glory that you get based on the amount of troops that you lose. The maximum glory a player can get is 11,250 at 7,500 troop death for 15,000 troop kill.

So even if you only lose 200 troops while killing 2000 troops, that’s still maximum glory for you which is 350 glory. The attackers that failed will only get 150 glory for losing 2000 troops while killing only 200 troops.


it’s just going to favor bigger end game bases… lol but nice update!!

I think the problem with early quitting may be more of an issue for teams fighting on t4 and t5 castles due to the fort boost. Due to the large attack boost the defender receives they do alright quitting early on high tier castles right now. But on a t2 unless it’s max sieger vs a weak destroyer, early quitting is viable to counter an attack, but already isn’t good for glory or troops for the defending player.

Implementing this change just penalizes small teams who don’t have end game dragons and bases by allowing high levels to more effectively bully them while possibly improving gameplay at the opposite end of the spectrum where diamond teams with most players having end game dragons and bases may have an unfair advantage.

I’d suggest the team look at expanding their idea to phase in based on castle tier. Maybe it’s 1/4 of this effect on a t2 castle, 1/2 on a t3, 3/4 of the effect on a t4 and the full effect on a t5. Basically as the fort assists defenders, with stronger attack defense power for their primarchs, you also see a stronger penalty for quitting very early, but still allow smaller teams and players to play the game and have fun in atlas.


How so? When you have teams with 550‘s and above where said team has T3 being highest castles etc. Then do they count as a small team also say a 520 was to snipe a T3 which has a 550 defending then does this count as bullying as you put it?

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How do you reward failure? Under 70% is failure!
There should be NO glory for failure!

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Just to play devils advocate, if gaining glory naturally becomes too difficult it will go to further encourage swapping and lead to increased atlas stagnation.

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Now we need the same thing do e for Mega attacks :slight_smile:


Depends on the person, for say a 400 hitting a 550 then under 70% is not a failure in my eyes, whereas say a 550+ hitting a 550+ I’d say is a failure there needs to be a medium ground between those punching above their weight and those hitting evenly and trying to exploit early quitting etc.


We’re going to push the release of the gameplay changes to next week March 10th. The post will be updated to reflect this.



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