Game Portraits That Are not Available

Hey everyone I have been wondering all time why PG doesnt make portraits available for all players . I dont mean the Event Or Seasonal Portraits but the ones before them like the Merchant or other portraits , whose requirement says “Invite Only” . I joined game just november 2016 and couldnt have none of these, but would like to have one , since they are just standing there doing nothing lol :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Those are tokens of old time players. If you were one, would you like those who start the game yesterday having those portraits, weren’t you?

U missunderstood me , I dont mean portrait from the great contest , events or seasons . There are several portraits whose requirements are just Invite Only

Same thing. Tokens of unique accounts :joy:

I still dont get it what do u mean . I mean this guy

That is a special avatar for the player who beta tested the game over three years ago when PG bought it

Player or players?

Players sorry

I don’t exactly remember names but i have seen atleast 3 players. There are few other unique avatars too. Look at D1 and you will be surprised.

Look at this post:

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I’m aware of the great contest avatars.
Is it true pog isn’t available anymore?

Yes, it is true.

Well I have him dances

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