Game problems x events And boots

I have problems with boots and with egg took the mission - and attack but I do not count the points - it’s breeding events - it’s not fair - you’re discouraging me with these errors as an event

I am sorry to hear that the event is going bad for you. But its difficult for PG to solve your problem over this thread. I would recommend to open an in-game ticket. I am sure Support will do everything to solve your problem as fast as possible.

You can also use the Support link:

I have also experienced long lag and sync errors when claiming season prizes. When I get back it’s not available any longer.

If you claim the prices to fast, ist possible you get a sync error. Thats why we recommend, to always claim 3 Prices, than close the event window, and open it again, to claim 3 more :slight_smile:

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Cool. Thanks. Why do people wait for 10? I did but still got average rewards. I mean I would rather open and use that wait and hope.

If you’re breeding a higher tier dragon, you can wind up getting a bunch of prizes by the time you finish breeding. It’s not hard for them to pile up while you’re watching egg tokens slip away during autobreed.

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