“Game Restart For New Content”

Was forced to restart the game just now for “new content”. But I haven’t really noticed anything different… What was added? :joy:
Thanks in advance

Maybe this:

Or may be to soon.


It is likely this. :slight_smile: Once we push it live, the update will force folks to reset their games if they’re currently playing. It should roll out to everyone within the hour or so!

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Unfortunately, “new content” seems to have created an issue with claiming major event prizes. Attempting to do so causes black screen game crash, being experienced by many players.


@Raptor37355 There’s a few teams that cater to xp needs(XPfarmsLooseX1). Just find a base that gives max xp and bookmark them. Base that gives max xp is too hard? Sometimes, getting around 15% destroyed gives max, if not, Ask for backup from a teammate.
Or just earn Atlas Access :grin: :+1:

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