Game restarting alot


My game is restarting alot or kicking me all the way back to my phone’s home screen. It happens most often when I collect from the bounty harbor but has also happened several times in the middle of an attack. Anyone know if it’s a problem with the game or my phone? If it’s on my end how do i fix it?


It’s the game. Started happening to me as well.


same on my ipad n and my android fix this pg


I get booted after trying to claim prizes in Atlas and rewards in Event!:cry::cry::cry:

I think it’s the game and not your phone but it’s possible we all have the same problem? I do have custom settings under graphics, on medium and destruction animations off because my game lagged too much during runs.


So who do we need to contact to get it fixed? This is the only way I could think of to reach out


I say posting here us good, that way others who are on forums can explain they also have the problem.
And we can see how many actually experience this.
In game you can go to settings then help then fill out a ticket explaining your situation.

  • PG staff will contact you and try to resolve it.


Thanks to @Tinsir, after reading the title I imagined an alot constantly restarting the game just to annoy the OP

On topic: That used to happen to me too, but now it stopped. I really don’t know what’s going on with this app.


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