Game Status Page Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss our new Game Status Page!


I like this a lot I must say. Saves me time asking it to zandesk, saves time and hassle in the forum’s, and save times for zandesk to attend to other matters. Smart move

Edit: on a second thought it seems more an improvement based on a problem of the support team then an initiative from the players. Still good and smart move nevertheless

It’s progress!

I foresee a Zendesk article being a pretty clunky (both for players and support) stand-in for a purpose-built statuspage, and I’d suggest making it its own top level link so we don’t have to dig down a level. But the big thing is not the tool but the commitment to update it when issues occur and as they progress.

Thanks for this.

edit: I see it is pretty visible from the top level. One issue; the linked page for 1/7 - 1/8/2020 under recent incidents doesn’t appear to be public. In game (android) it just says “failed to fetch article”. In a normal browser it gives a not authorized error.


I’m hope that an in game mail goes out about the addition, otherwise the only players who will know it’s there are the ones that can find the information here.


@Arelyna I 100% agree with Fragity. Based on our rough numbers only 8.7% of the player base engages with the forums in any meaningful way. We can push the notice to our teams via line, but I suspect they will read in game News more effectively.


I found out about it on Twitter. :crazy_face:

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