Game stucking at 99%

How can I post video here.
My game is stucking at 99%…can not log in and sumbit ticket. I need solution…I made a video in which after 99% app says that War dragon is not responding…

You can submit a ticket to . The video would need to be uploaded somewhere like YouTube. You could also email it (if is still valid), I suppose, though I don’t know what the filesize limit is.

I tried a ticket week ago which closed automatically after week …but issue still persists

:thinking: There was an issue not too long ago where people had to hard restart (close from app switcher and launch) that fixed a similar loading issue. I’d suggest trying through the link above still, though, which also lets you see if a ticket’s been closed without a response, which has happened a few times lately. If that does happen, just replying reopens it. Once you have the ticket number, you can ping people with the @.

What’s your ticket number?

Oops…I lost the ticket the number because I deleted that mail🙈…But I heard that there are PG’s on forums who help in solving problems. What I need to do now because I did all the troubleshooting steps…but😢

@Forscience this problem looks like serious because first I did all the troubleshooting things . But when It did not work . I reseted my mobile. And installed the app again. It shows me a new game. But after I switched the account, then game said that account login succeed and game will now exit. But biggest shit is game again stopped at 99% and after 2 or 3 minutes it says that “War dragon is not responding”. I contacted google play support too. They said me that this problem is related to developera of this app.

Sounds like you were banned maybe?

See this thread for a similar issue: How can I delete all the data of game without factory reset

Try to use the portal link ( from my first reply; I can see tickets from five months ago, might be when it switched over from helpshift. If you’re on Android, some phones will temporarily keep uninstalled apps around. So, poke around in Settings > Apps (and check the upper right) to see if your phone does that. You can also clear the cache and data in Settings > Apps > War Dragons to see if that works.

What is banning and for what… ? I think I know nothing about this game. :fearful:…I am new to this game. But I love playing this game . But I can not play my account for more than 3 weeks…

I sent the screenshot of my issue.
I have good connection. Even I tried to change connection too. But😢 issue is not going to resolve . I cleaned the cache and data of app too.
I play few online games and there is no game without glitches :rage::rage:…But this game looks like that they have lot’s of glitches and bugs than any other online games​:confused::see_no_evil:


@Grumpybigbird ?

Medals aren’t always good indicator. An old teammate of mine quit after her account wouldn’t login for 2 weeks and she had no response from PG (real bummer as she was a good officer). During that time her account medals were frozen showing she had over 900k medals even after the weekly reset

This is one of my alts which hasn’t been played for a while.

The issue with medals is usually only for longer term players. Not for new players or low levels.

what you want to say? :disappointed:

Hi @PGJared .
New ticket number is :- 1150392

@PGJared I’m having the same issue. Mines been like this since the last update. It’s stuck at 99%. My ticket # is 1161542… I really hope you can help. My phone is a moto z

Looks like your ticket is already being replied to by an agent…