Game unplayable cannot do anything?!?

Have tried getting on 10-15+ times, each time it will either freeze in the very beginning when you see the pack offers or sometimes it will get past the offers and just completely freeze on base before your able to click anything or do anything at all, same thing every time!
On IOS, not my device have a new one, less then 3 months old.
Have never had this problem. Anyone else this happening to or know what to do?
I’ve tried deleting/reinstalling 3 times with no luck, still same thing freezes screen for like 20 seconds to eventually crash.
Everything was fine an hour ago :roll_eyes:

You updated the game. :woman_shrugging:
This update is broken and locks ppl out of the game. There’s an official warning sent out in game.

Also this problem is being discussed in the official discussion thread. @moderators can you merge? =)

It’s almost as if they should make an announcement banner…


Ahh I see…couldn’t get in game to see the warning :joy:


Happens Twitch, haha, dont worry PvP is disabled in Atlas and shields are up. Just missing out on wars, if your team has any.


Sure did update :man_facepalming:

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A banner doesn’t really help if you didn’t log on to the forums first & if you did not see the mail (warning) before updating :man_shrugging:

It does for people who might want to make a new thread asking if anyone on the forums knows what’s up.

Im also 90% sure they pulled the update, for those who hadn’t yet updated.

:roll_eyes: How come that you can create a thread without logging on to the forum?

Can we continue here?


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Obviously to get the warning first before updating :roll_eyes: yeah I posted a thread not being on the forum lol…What is your point here, do you have one?

OT: How do you link threads like that? I just get hyperlinks -.-