Game update keeps resetting

I can’t collect my chests because the game starts over anyone have a idea what I should do

If it isn’t already resolved try collecting them 2-3 at a time and then leaving the season menu, and going back. It’s probanly okay now but when the servers are busy they tend to be not very tolerant of collecting lots of achievement prizes or unlocking lots of seasonal stuff.

I was opening 10 at first then 4 then every 2 but it didn’t just happen
during contest today * spent 20$ and the minute I opened free chest game
shut off when I got it back started it never gave me my prize but it took
my special box and 4800 rubies I thought maybe they would show up the sinc
needed to catch up well 5 hrs later never got my 20$ box or my 4800$ I
ended up buying another card bit filled. At playstore

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