Game won't load. Multi logins are the culprit

i have kids that use the same phone for each of their wardragon accounts. For more than a year now they’ve switched accounts with no problems. All of a sudden when trying to open the app it will not load past 100%. It just stalls there. I’ve wiped the phone clean and reinstalled war dragons. It still won’t open.
So now I try a diff phone and one of their accounts logged in. But we had to log into the other account but now it’s stopping on 100% just like the other phone. I’ve cleared the phones. Reset them. War dragons still will not load.

Is a cookie blocking my login. ? Or ip? Bad data? Where is the data? On your server. ?

It is not advised to play several accounts on the same device as it can lead to bugs and loss of data. I think there are even several warnings about it ingame.

I’d advise you to send a ticket to the support about this and eventually posting the ticket number here if support doesn’t seem to be able to help and tagging ("@") Arelyna for further review.

Good luck!

Yes I know it’s not advised but everyone does it. I just borrowed a phone from my sister and R0adbl0ck logged right in. I need that account on my iPhone 7 though. After resetting the phone. Deleteting the game ect it will not load. Just sets at 100% I believe pg has installed code to reject logins from multi account phones.

Not everyone does it. PG has right on their website…

99.99% sure you’re incorrect. Good luck though.


I take it someone has waaay too many alts for each to have their own unique device, eh? :laughing:


:thinking: Now that you mentioned it. I wonder how @Sam manages all of her alts…

While multiple account is not a violation in this game (as far as I know), there is a risk of multiple game saves being jammed and corrupting one of the accounts being logged in.

It’s low, but it’s still there and you hit the jackpot of the game either corrupting your save or a known issue on their end that’s being looked into.

Another chance is getting your levels mixed up or numbers randomly being displayed (you are level 150, but appears as level 300 to other players).

How should I do so that my main has my alt’s level displayed? :face_with_monocle:

Is your operating system the current version? I had the same problem in the past and updating the software fixed it.

Orca, I have two devices for my alts. No permanent issues so far. :grin:

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no clue

getting lucky while trying to destroy your game account?

Yep, 2 devices for uncountable alts… Perfect example of someone able to use it perfectly :grin:


These are really good for other teams in events, especially if you get stuck with a higher player level. You then offer the points of the higher level at the difficulty rating of the lower level hehe

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Will this have any effect in Atlas?

I can’t confirm one way or the other

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