Gameplay enhancement around timers and base building

Is there any way to improve the timer interface? Tapping constantly on the 1 hour timers, for example, hurts my wrist after a while and adds NO enjoyment to playing (I can’t imagine anyone looking forward to reducing their 34 day timer with 1 hr speedups!). Being able to type the number of timers to use (like egg fragments) or using a slider bar for each timer category (like the one for training troops) would be great. Thanks!

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Good news! There is an “auto” button in the game that will do all the tapping for you, down to the minute. Problem solved.


I love doing 1 minute timers on my 27 day buildings though! :grinning:


Most of the time there is an auto button. When crafting spells in the forge, for example, there is no auto button.

This can get annoying especially if you over-tap and start crafting an item you didn’t want. You can always cancel it, but it would be nice if the auto option was always there.

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but i’m out of 1 and 3 minute timers :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m not sure why it was done this way for regular craftable items. I just added the timer option (with the Auto Select button) to the gear section of the forge, so I’m familiar with this code now. It wouldn’t take too much effort to add the Auto Select button when speeding up other craftables. This wouldn’t be a high priority, but it’s something I could get done in a day if I had time.


I was tapping timers individually for my first couple weeks in the game before I noticed the Auto Select button. There’s no advantage to doing it this way. I just wasn’t very observant at the time.


Thank you for all the QoL improvements you’ve been working on. Much appreciated :heart:


I don’t want to use an auto select button and I don’t want to tapping.

It is not a matter of having an advantage or not.

It is important how the player wants to do it.

I’m very dissatisfied with the lack of such detailed services.:sweat:

:baby_bottle: here you go


Timer is timer doesn’t matter which 1 u use building cost is not going to change anyway, press auto select and stop torturing yourself . :grinning:
i saw similar post like this couple weeks ago.


A QOL improvement I would appreciate is the ability to put in the level of the tower you want to level to - and automatically level to that number, assuming you have the resources available. Kinda like insta-breed.


We couldn’t even get a open X amount of chests box ……so I wouldn’t hold your breath if I was you…. :rofl::+1:
While a great idea it seems great ideas are not that easily monetized or secure ….lol


I love the update. Works great! Thanks!

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I tested it once today just to be sure. I’ll really need it for the crafting event this week. This will be the first time I max out a crafting event strictly on upgrades I need, not throwing away upgrades or crafting items in progress just to get points.


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