Gameplay Faction formed!

Hi everyone,

Below is a message from our team regarding the newly created Gameplay Faction.

Dragon Lords,

We sincerely thank you for your candid feedback as we continue to evolve War Dragons to be the most engaging game on mobile.

We’ve heard your comments not only on how to adjust the game itself, but also on how we can involve select members of the Dragons player community to help ensure we’re making our game balance decisions based on the best information possible.

We’ve promised to continue inventing better process, and today we’re taking a major step on that path with the announcement of the formation of the Gameplay Faction.

Parallel to the Creator’s Faction, the Gameplay Faction (GF) will be comprised of a small, hand-selected set of dedicated members of the War Dragons community who have shown an exceptional ability to provide detailed and constructive feedback on game balance. We will aim for the panel to be composed of players from a variety of progression levels.

The initial set of Gameplay Faction invitees have already been contacted via private message, and we believe they will be excellent ambassadors for all of you. We will continue to evaluate membership on an ongoing basis and reach out to additional users based upon the quality of user contributions and the representative needs of the group.

Warm regards,

The Dragons Team


Hoping to see this faction contributing to improve the player experience significantly :crossed_fingers:


I would like to chip in but I doubt you’d take me seriously

Fingers crossed this works out lol

Oh I can’t WAIT to see who is in it :joy:


PlayerJ PM’d me and told me he was missing his invitation :man_shrugging:

Good luck to those involved, i hope you selected a good knowledgeable well rounded group of individuals and it provides a different approach than the creators faction. :+1::+1:


This should be interesting lol


Asked @Warlord who he picked, waiting to hear back…

It will be a success when PG let the group try out things and play around with alternatives in a real scenario.

We will see how this will turn out.


I just have one request…please, for the love of God, DO NOT let this become Ashenvale Alliance 2.0


Please be productive people that actually know what they are talking about. Not just people who are well known and popular.


Why does my invite say “Please consider our offer of Supreme Decision Maker of the Gameplay faction, you will make an excellent ambassador.”

Does anyone else have assigned positions in the faction?


Can a list be posted about who accepted the invitation?
Very curious about the great flyers that have been selected :thinking:


I’m curious to see if the players invited represented a diverse range of player levels and leagues.


I just hope it is players who understand the games mechanics and can actually fly


It will be interesting to see how this plays out. But I agree with Panda–no Ashenvale Alliance 2.0.

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I am wondering why the players were not able to choose who would represent them in this special faction.


Actually I’m impressed with PG for this move. Its a huge step in the right direction that they have realized that they are making mistakes and need help.

They say the first step in recovery is admitting that you need help. Kudos PG!


We will see, this is DejaVu of the events that led up to Ashenvale Alliance though.

What is Ashenvale alliance