Gameplay Faction formed!


Based on understanding English metric.

And if you have better ideas, organize them into a constructive posts. Just questioning what everyone says doesnt do much.


Lol how’s PG going to know someone from Platinum league that never communicates on forums or anywhere? Why would they choose a random person to have influence on the future changes if they haven’t shown that they have knowledge of the game?

I want you to give names of people that you would like to be represented by? Hold on, wait, you don’t even know who you want to be represented by, you just give a general group of people. Well by giving a general group without specifically saying who you want will make you mad and salty again if they pick someone from that group that doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about.

Oh btw, yep, we at GPF gonna flush your money rofl… Listen to yourself, you need a nap.


No numbers have been given, or scale of play…fair for all doesnt mean d1-d2 players know how to play…half were banned not too long ago…


I’m actually glad that theyre banned. The more cheater banned the better the numbers will represent. No numbers have been released. So if you want to base it on numbers, neither you nor i have them. On that aspect, our point of views are just equally as undefined by numbers as anyone.

If thats the standard of measuring a statement true or not, you counter me or me counter you are both not based on numbers.

After all, the state of game is to be felt in the end. Do you fly thinking the ice flak range is 83? If you do kudos to you. I dont. I just try my best and see how possible/impossible things are to do.


What would you like to know?


I agree but what if that sample size is 25…is that enough? shouldnt it be more like 2000…maybe 5000…not trolling you just saying numbers are important.

:thinking: hoping for them not choosing 4990 people who are clueless…


How many players under sapphire that aren’t alts are in this?


How to best do statistical sampling is based on a core idea of randomness. Who can contribute what is not random.

And the focus should be on who can contribute what. Not to find a statiscatilly satisfying sample.

Again, I’m not indicating anything. Like i said, knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing. Whatever game stage/style is. For those who know, post the ideas here. Gold is not gonna be buried for long. It will shine.


they would have to be random from each league yes…but total sample size matters as well…


Here I disagree. Random is a sure fire way to anarchy


I have advocated for this scaling in many threads (even provided some examples of way it might work), and I will continue to do so. I have no intent to change what I have been calling for, unless given a very good reason.


Speaking as a platinum player, I wouldn’t want every single member of this group to have the same pull in every single matter. For example, if I was in it I wouldn’t be in there telling people how to scale level 60-70 towers properly. I just wouldn’t know. But when an issue was something that impacts people in my level range, I’d be able to help (I’m just using me as an example). Having varying degrees of players doesn’t mean we have level 70s designing level 70 towers…at least I’d hope not. But I also don’t want a level 400 deciding what’s best for a level 100.

Idk who’s in this faction other than those that said they are, but just saying :man_shrugging:


how do you stop bias…anarchy can be good :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Hard to tell man. Thousands of players dont post here or dont spend time to write detailed thoughts here. It’s hard for PG to know when they dont post enough. And we cant force them to do anything, you know. What they decide is what they decide. We can choose to voice our opinions, as well as our own actions towards it

Also, we all know PG is the ultimate power to this game. Real Anarchy doesnt exist here. We can try to get closer yes, but the way to do it is still up to the discretion of PG.

We are destined to be takers here, what our power could achieve is trying to make the things we have to take in a little more enjoyable for us. We dont lead this game. We are always one step behind.


Totally agree. Perhaps a memo :joy:


I do not know. My main account is in D2. I’m between 200-250.


It could be that some do not wish to be known. It cannot speak for others. I can say that I will continue to advance changes I believe will make the game better for everyone (no, this does not mean everyone gets free level 60 towers and an expert Destar). But what I have argued for in the past, I will continue to advocate for.


The same things I’ve asked for multiple times, was even quoted as asking for them.
How many players?
How many teams are said players from?
What level ranges/how many in said level ranges?
What leagues are referenced players in?

Not asking for names or to violate anyone’s privacy. Seems EggToken missed that critical part of my quote when he quoted me and went on a long rant about not violating their privacy. No one is asking to violate their privacy :man_facepalming:

But hey, whatever, good luck - let’s not tell the playerbase even the game demographics of the players representing them.

**Edit, time for my nap, cause you know, it’s dark outside and the chickens have gone to roost.




That’s fine, I just threw that in there to note that I just literally didn’t know who was in there and wasn’t attacking anyone. I already assumed those that I’ve seen say they’re in it would be in it.

I’m pretty much wondering if this is a focus group for new towers or if this is actually going to matter lol

Edit: Matter for non endgame/Atlas players. While I’m on it, is there anyone in there without Atlas? That’s a question I’d love to know the answer to for real