Gameplay Faction formed!


With all due respect I’m sure the Great Riots of 4.0 played a part in this revert


NDAs are pretty common for situations where testing will happen - not to disclose things in advance, do naughty things, all suggestions belong to the company, etc. If there’d be testing in Dave’s group, I’d imagine the company would require it too.


Please, find one quote from me, anywhere, here, on Line, facebook, anywhere, that in context, indicates I am a Pawn for PG.

Have some hope.

I know there is little reason to have hope. But hold on to it anyway, even if for just a little longer. Things have gone horribly wrong too many times. This has all happened before. PG is just trying to placate us until they figure out another way to get our money… Maybe.

But sometimes things do change.


You’re wrong again. Everything is still horribly out of wack. Didn’t change a damn thing but a few stats. Game play is still miserablely easy and boring .


The problem with this was…it was merely undoing the previous damage. Ashenvale was within 2 years ago so people are not speaking theoretically but from experience.

I would disagree, the state of balance at the moment is shockingly bad, even by the standards I have seen over the years.

We won’t know if this will become Ashenvale 2.0 yet, but the concerns are founded by previous actions not just speculation. The issue has rarely been the ideas, but more the pace or lack of execution of the discussions by PG.


Perhaps - we’ll see what happens. But I ain’t signing no NDA I can tell you that right now so he can kick me when that happens. Just my personal opinion.

In my job NDA’s come by my desk almost weekly - I understand the need for them - just not in this context.


It was him/her and only him/her that brought about the re-re-re-rebalance after that shitshow by PG. you can’t question a creator faction member.


We aren’t talking about CF here, so that is an unrelated shot at something I do in my free time. Pointless.

So far, all I’ve gathered from you is that you complain endlessly without offering solutions and insult anyone who tries to promote a healthy discussion.

This made me giggle. & I think the riots are part of why he reached out to me.

Instead of being determined to be unhappy, I am going to enjoy the small victories - HOWEVER small - because it means steps are being taken in the proper direction. It is also relieving to know that they aren’t putting earplugs in and sitting around letting everything burn- they are actually trying to find a resolution.


This seems to be a sticking point and even I wonder what the process should be? If it was by performance in the game…then that would be a very small group. Understanding of mechanics and the large scale implications? Even less. Popularity? Perhaps, but not sure you would need a group for that. It does seem arbitrary but once again, the goal/aim in a more specified manner would help determine who would give the best input.


So, you know this because???

You know this because???

Also, you know this how?

Ashenvale was a colossal failure for several reasons. Why would we (or PG) wish to repeat this?


More like a buzz in the ear of an open minded employee who was then able to sway a few others and lean in a more favorable direction


There’s no test environment set up for this as has been stated over and over. I’ve also been privy to watch this same diversion tactic from PG over and over. They’re really good at tricking the weak minding like song bird over there


It’s a tough one I agree - I’m not saying its easy. This is the best I could come up with at short notice. I wanted to avoid a whole popularity contest thing through an election, and also a farce like those contests that get run (e.g. upload your videos of you flying etc) where no one know what the winning criteria is.

EDIT: who knows, we may have ended up with exactly the same people as currently, but at least the process would have been open, consultative and clear to everyone.


Actually I have provided quick and effective temporary solutions in conversations with eggtoken if you choose to read the thread, not selectively read, just sit and read. So immature jabs at emotional well being aren’t helping your argument as to why this “Private Sub thread” group is an enormous step in the right direction.


It must’ve gotten lost amongst all your griping. :woman_shrugging:t2:


hey, he named himself better than god. If he does make decisions he won’t be here blah blah blah for days. He would’ve already being better than god and making supreme decisions that will take the game to a better place. What do we see now, just keep talking keep talking keep negative shit floating.

A lot of talking. Haven’t seen him done much to it except opened up a thread of his own.


I think skepticism is justified at the moment.

Maybe we can see what happens.

This is a valid point. If this faction is to be a long-term thing, and I see no reason why it should not, I definitely agree that the method of becoming a member should be different in the future (even if that means I’m not a member).

It was something I neither asked for nor sought. Would it have been better if I had turned it down?


Lol you and your fantasy god like world makes me laugh. Want me to post your gameplay video you claimed you don’t share except with your team, and it’s on YouTube? MrMonopoly, You do you. But you’re a funny guy here. Keep us amused.


I’ll flag my own post as off topic but if anyone who wants to see it can see it :joy:


Just to clarify…he is part of the reason why our team is where it is at and has been as successful as it has for the last few years. So, I think that is something. As far as his understanding of the mechanics and performance, I think the results speak for themselves.

At the very least, when it comes to understanding the mechanics of the game, I don’t think any of the people in this thread surpass him. Take from that what you will.