Gameplay Faction formed!


I will. Things you say I hardly disagrees with. I just don’t like him, but good to know he did all that and props to his abilities. Probably not personality but, yeah. If every Dread talks like you I’d very much admire.


It’s funny you being a fan boy knowing what I talk about you.

Even though this is not your thread, maybe it’s time to remind yourself to stick to it like you did in your own.


Several of these folks definitely can and do. The problem is are all views represented adequately.

If this group does nothing more than help pg understand their players, I believe this group will help immensely. I’m sure that some views will go underrepresented and some voices will not be heard. I’ve been part of groups like this for other games and they have never really provided what you may expect they should. It was more about keeping the game maker aware and disseminating information. Sometimes I think it was more about muzzeling the big players who had become a very loud voice of negativity.

In any event I don’t think they will worsen the game. And doing nothing is not an option.


I believe you when you say he is experienced and knowledgeable.
As are you, obviously.

I also see a crucial difference between you and him, Panda. Your comments, even when criticizing, are constructive. He is nothing but inflammatory. I suppose that’s why PG involves you and not him.


Just try to understand that for many of us we have seen this play from PG before.

The last one degenerated into some/most individuals using it to help themselves personally and their team only. Rather than actual game issues. Despite what many players think, a great many of us do understand. We were not always big accounts.

The issues at end gameplay will one day be issues for others in the game even if it won’t be end gameplay by the time you get there.


I suppose you have not read my suggestions yet then. I’m not surprised and no I don’t provide them in response to other users because that is pointless. Hense why my suggestions for temporary improvement were outlined in my response to eggtoken and yourself


@BetterThanGod I think we’re all here in hopes of improvement right? Same team (in this case). Is it just PG track record keeping you from sharing more info?


Not going to lie, I’m a little hurt when the idea of me “not understanding a free player” comes to mind. I’ve worked my ass off for the community for three years and as a long term leader, I have players from hundreds of dollars a weekend to free on my team and always have.

Yes I’ve been playing for a long time and I’m just a little shocked that the player base (the small minority here) has such little faith in me as a person to adequately look for what players of different areas need.

Instead of being kind of excited that PG is looking for some more in depth input, the negativity and “I think they should listen to so and so” is just…sad.


I think the key thing here is to be patient and see what comes out of this.

Would I have preferred a more open and clear process in choosing said members? Yes, especially perhaps with ways to give quieter, yet equally knowledgeable, community members an opportunity to apply or what not.

But then again, perhaps those members have been selected anyway. We just don’t know.

What I do know, is that people like @TheRedDelilah, @SavageAFforPG, @Warlord, (and others but I suck at reading between the lines to confirm other peeps :stuck_out_tongue:) have continually been advocated for us players and have provided objective, high-quality feedback in many forum posts.

Think jumping on super negativity train is a little unwarranted, though understandable due to all the recent shenanigans going on.

Let’s give them a chance.


You’ve done nothing to facilitate an environment in which your opinion is of value. If it were not for Panda’s comment and my respecting him as a member of the community, I would dismiss you entirely as an inflammatory troll.

I know I am.

It goes beyond skepticism, don’t you think? I have a hard time understanding why someone this pessimistic about the game’s creators, who believes the game is currently shit and has no chance of improvement, is even playing at this point.


It is much easier to come up with a resolution on a one on one dialog as opposed to a group idea sesh around various comments.

This is why this group will not work unless it becomes strictly a test group with access to the admin test environment (pg refuses to permit anyone access to this who is not employed by them, also have a feeling you must be connected to their local network for access) I assume security risks is the main reason.

Information in terms of what? These groups will inevitably cause player base turmoil as many will eventually feel teams with members that are a part of this have an unfair advantage.
This entire group creation is nothing but smoke and mirrors as demonstrated by verbatim actions taken in the past multiple times when faced with a player base in similar uproar over poor decisions and execution. The writing is on the wall. I don’t know how many times I can point it out. I don’t care if you think I’m a negative Nancy if these people don’t actually get to test the changes and new features than they are doing nothing more than you or I right now. It’s ridiculous that this is still not being grasped. @DragonPunch please show this to Brian Shih maybe he can have the authority to put some things in motion here.


I hope you’re wrong. I understand why you feel that way, but dismissing the opportunity guarantees that no good will come of it, where embracing it allows for a small sliver of positive change, however unlikely.

For the billionth time, my CF membership has nothing to do with this.
If you are listening to the b******* of the homophobic and the manipulative, sure. I know the latter is in your team, so I get why you’d think that. Can’t blame you for being fooled.


This is constructive. If you could adopt this tone throughout all your comments, that’d make for a much more useful discussion.


I feel like this thread has gotten a little off topic and has left the realm of discussion/debate and now to the personal level. Anyone @PGEggToken @PGCrisis gonna control this a little more?


You’re a public figure in the community, it’s common knowledge of your team sustainability do not blame individuals for that.

Back on topic- it’s not an opportunity though that’s what I’ve been trying to open peoples eyes up to. Trying the same thing over and over but expecting different results is insanity. Give this group the ability to test things and provide feedback. Don’t have them do brainstorming on new ideas; just test and feedback. That’s the only way success will truly be achieved from a “game play faction”. A group of experienced players to just talk is a waste of everyone’s time.


Even with my limited knowledge and few months of gameplay, i can vouch for this. They need a test group.
When atlas party can be organized, why not invite players to their office on a weekend or two to experiment in test environment? In that case even if players complain about delay, they will have some other players to rely on in test environment feedback which would be much appreciated.

But I still wouldn’t dismiss the hope of this faction getting chance in test environment after whatever discussions happen tbh. Maybe i am being a bit too optimistic here.


Yes please!


For sure. I didn’t know they couldn’t test. It’s clear you have a lot to offer that’s why I asked (regarding “info”) so was trying to poke you for more of said “info”


Again constructive, thank you; and honestly you may be right that without a proper test server the group won’t be effective. I’d rather try, though. If that turns out to be the case, I’m sure the entire group will tell them (PG) that it isn’t working without test servers.

I am assigning responsibility for lies to whom they belong, and nothing more. I am not blaming you for believing them.


What is that alliance ?