Gameplay Faction formed!


Yes I’ve seen this before as well. I’m not convinced it’s really happening more than it did with private correspondence and forum posts. Like it or not the big spenders do have more votes than most of us.

I’m sure there is danger of amplification in an echo chamber.

I’m not convinced the purpose of this group is entirely what it’s represented as. And at least two people on that group are strong willed and objective (as much as you could expect) and there could be others.

I don’t see it as a negative even if no improvement happens as a result. But I hear you and agree that is what these groups usually do at some point.

The last game I played the big spenders all whined in a room about things only big spenders cared about and had a employee who was basically a glorified babysitter. There was power struggles and grudges. It was fun. People would sabotage the members of the group to
replace anyone not in line with popular opinions. Folks who were free to play were often timid and even if they weren’t quiet would usually realize it was a lost cause. I hope all of that doesn’t happen. But if it does that probably isnt seriously impacting the game so much as wasting people’s time.


LMAO - one thing to remember about the ‘big spenders’ whining about things only they care about. Well go and read the ‘sapphire wall’ whinge going on right now.

Players came to the forum and tried to raise issues when the tier came out. They got howled down by players demanding PG focus on the lower end of gameplay because the endgame only impacted ‘whales’.

I’m now laughing. Endgame state of play will impact players. Even if it isn’t endgame play when they get there.

Anyway, we will see. I can tell you it did impact more since some of those in Ashen rather than relying on a forum post to be noticed or for support to do something certain players had a direct line to PG. I don’t hold much hope that this chat will have much if any impact. It is what it is.


I trust you :v:


Just a little curious about how this group was selected and for how long they’ve been actively playing the game and on what level.

I’d hate for this group to only be PG ass kissers. I was honestly hoping for people that would question the route PG has been going for the past year and confront you if you’re not seeing the bigger picture.

To face and fix a problem isn’t to get people to kiss up to you. To fix the current and obvious downfall of War Dragons/Atlas is to listen to the veterans that’s been here and are still around.

You have experienced players that haven’t given up on this game yet…
You won’t always like what you hear but that’s what’s needed.

Selecting people you want to agree with what you’ve already decided on is most definitely not what we wanted or what will save this game. We wanted you to get in touch with active, hardcore, day in and day out players.

You can’t change things by trying to convince us that you’re on the right path but you can change things by listening to people that are actually playing this game more than just a few hours a day.


My good wishes to GPF and way to go PG :+1::fist:


Be sure this group does NOT contain PG ass kissers.

It’s a very heterogeneous group of ppl who raised their voices more than once and we already started to bring the main problems on the table.

It was launched yesterday and we have already very helpful insights of those hardcore gamers who play for over 3 years like myself and some more.

None of the posts so far showed that any of us suffer on the PG fanboy syndrome


Good luck and I hope something good comes from this. Don’t forget the little guys!


And yet you’re weak minded enough to still be playing something so Fucking terrible. Most people just vent to an extent even if they’re upset.

Some of us troll and really go at any opportune angle.

You’re either a piece of… well, nvm, or a windowlicker. What a banner you fly!


It appears this was a selection process they have already completed.


It was decided by PG by their own discretion.


I guess I’m too critical for PG to like me lol. Good luck with this guys! :slight_smile:


The “you’re a moron for playing this game” approach is t exactly an effective insult when you’re writing it on that games forum page😂


Judging from the replies here so far it’s no one I was hoping yet. crossing fingers…





Is that love from Pluto?


Platonic Sir.


I honestly don’t think I can get all thoughts on one comment.
I have hope that this will improve game play and fix issues before content is released to the rest of the people but I am sceptical, for many reasons.
I am unsure how the people were chosen, but it seems as if activity on forums played a part.
I’m going to stop there, I’m hopeful but I think my reservations outweigh the positives for me right now.


I see your intellectual capacity is boundless. I didn’t can you a moron for playing. I called you a moron for continuing to play a game that you’ve felt is so broken for 2 full years. Since I don’t find it so broken, and I’m far less upset about what’s “not working” than you are, the lack of intelligence falls squarely on you, little lady. Back to the drawing board you go. Thankfully they got washable crayons for you.


fill out a support ticket, this comment will likely never be seen since it’s in a thread about the game play faction


I read the first 200 or so posts but then it made me feel like quite a few are unhappy about an attempt to do something in order to make our game play experience better. I have faith in the group chosen (though we don’t really know how representative the sample of players truly is) they will focus on the needs of us all.

At least PG is trying to do something to let our voices be heard. We (myself included) tend to get pretty darn critical and salty pretty quick on the forums. Surely you all can appreciate if the group is too big it will be difficult to form a consensus and move forward. Let’s try to keep a positive attitude at least up until you have reasons for being negative with this latest attempt.

Thanks to all that participate, I hope you don’t become lightning rods of negativity. I also hope PG really does listen to you all.

Please remember us “little” people all the way down to bronze.

Cheers and good luck!



So that I’m clear if I had to pick somebody to represent myself as a player for this group it would be you. I have not always agreed with what you have said but do respect your opinion and your ability to navigate the mess of the game. I don’t know the other players well enough to say if they will be good representatives or not, but, I can say that having multiple people from the creators faction in there is not doing the image of this group any good.

It probably would have been better for PG to just have created this group, got some results from it implemented into the game, then disclosed it as “look what the new GPF has done for us”. I know that is not the transparency that some people are looking for, but the way they released this it just seems like a marketing ploy to appease the players.