Gameplay Faction formed!


I have no idea what your point is. I’m engaging in a type of fishing.


lol okay then.


Point is whether PG will actually implement what they suggest atleast with changes


There’s no way PG, or any game company, will ever implement exactly what is suggested on the player end.

I would hope that those in this new faction are mindful of what the middle ground will be in there suggestions.

Whatever you suggest to PG, you have to have an idea of where they will go based on your suggestions.

So the idea won’t be to suggest what is needed, the idea will be to suggest what will get PG to go where is needed.


I just picked on you a tiny bit because you are generally significantly less butthurt than many. :joy:


4 would be up to PG, as GPF is constrained by the NDA :slight_smile:


Naa when it comes to being skeptical of PG and their actions. I have always been this negative lol


Don’t you get tired of being the voice of reason? Haha.


I am going into this cautiously optimistic. I have the same questions many have already raised, but this seems to be a decent first step (even if initially it appears to just be the popular kids table). More than anything else though this thread show me that PG is in dire need of a PR Team lol.

In regards to picking the members of the group: 1.) Why not have it rotate (like every 6 months or a year to get fresh voices 2.) I’m fairly positive PG has to have game data on all it’s players. Why not do a search for player level, base level, won/loss ratio to higher levels, etc from each tier to pick out the future group? Idk, just spitballing ideas.


They have one… they call it PX team.


You already have the CF. If you don’t listen to them, what’s the point of creating another group? From my understanding, the CF was supposed to provide the playerbase with information and be a bridge from the players to the company. That wasn’t working, so now there’s a new group that’ll do exactly the same thing—get ignored by PG.


I’m not saying the GPF would need to engage in the topics in any way to disclose anything, but they can use the data and info those topics can collect in order to assist the changes needed. It may be PG that would start those threads, and that’s why I included PGCrisis as well. I think transparency moving forward is a top priority for the GPF/PG team. :+1:


Hi all,

Just want to chime in here.

  • The Gameplay Faction will fall to not only @PGCrisis and myself as the CF do but also to other PG people who are involved but are not in the main forums right now and wish to remain that way.
  • This is still new, so we are going to continue evaluating membership opportunities as we start working more through these initiatives.
  • We really are trying to make this not be a repeat of Ashenvale Alliance (which was before I got here, but I have heard about it through coworkers).


Could be wrong but they seem to be two different groups intent wise. CF is more about content creation while this seems more aimed at gameplay. Ultimately though if both are ignored they amount to the same thing but content creation does not denote understanding of gameplay or mechanics


This is why i’m surprised to see CF members get automatic invites to this GPF.

I see them as two distinct units, one that focuses on arts, social media and broadcasting which is their strength.
The new GPF should include people who know game mechanics, can do numbers analysis and can “feel” balancing.

These two factions should NOT have overlap IMO because the vast majority of people do not have strengths in both of these areas. Arts vs numbers, choose one and excel in it. Don’t do mediocre at best in both or do OK in one and flop in the other.

(yes there are some people who can do both, but not a lot)

Also also, zero offense meant to any CF members directly.


@mechengg totally agreed.


Putting the negative things aside, I do not post much but I watch and read almost all threads that will impact me, I can only see this as a good thing and people have cries out for this for a long time, having real players actually have input before making these big moves is essential!

Great step in the right direction, I hope it is kept up :grin:


Can you explain the ashenvale alliance for those that weren’t here at that time


Who said they were automatically a part of the group? Either way, there are about 9 CF members, such a small number. Why make a big deal about it? :face_with_monocle:


It was formed in response to intensely negative player feedback (sound familiar?:sweat_smile:) and it was basically a group of players venting at a selected PG employee who, for the most part, just listened with no real impact.

This was in part because it seemed like a move by PG to simply placate the player base and ill suited people were chosen who saw it as a way to push their own personal or team needs as well as some who simply did not understand the game and it’s mechanics but were “personalities”. There was some postitive but it was a lot of stagnation.