Gameplay Faction formed!


@mechengg Completely agree. It’s for this reason I believe I should return my invite to the Gameplay Faction. I am not Diamond, at the popular table, or good with numbers. While not “art”, the content I provide as a CF member tends to be geared to new players and base knowledge on how to play with what the game is currently presenting.

This is all definitely food for thought for me in participating in this faction but I do believe in the intent for this faction and am hoping that this will bring about necessary changes.


Many folks both in the community and within our dev team pushed for a gameplay faction to start taking steps in the right direction and bring players on board with content in our pipeline. Now that it’s formed, for barely over 24 hours, there is absolutely no need to form this group or even try to see the productive direction it could go. So, which is it?

I’m all for advocating for this community but it is tiring when everything we try and do to improve and look forward is met with sheer adversity. Would it really be in our best interest to immediately disband this group? Would it make sense to say, “actually, nevermind!” and leave their opinions behind? I find no positive solution from that. I find a positive solution from taking steps to create the faction and involve players to a degree they have never been involved before.


I have been a beta tester for many PC and mobile games. Each one of them had a Main test server for employees, a test server for the beta testers and the live production server. Developers worked on updates on their server, pushed the update to the beta server for the testers, sent emails about updates and what to test.

The testers logged into the test server, played, then provided feed back to the development team. Normally we had a week or so of testing, then they closed the beta server. On this server you started over everytime and they loaded you with enough goodies to progress for testing. After feed back and revamping if they agreed they would push out the update to the live servers.

Just wanted to share my experience with other companies. Maybe PG can implement it this way and the GPF will be able to test.

Just some thoughts. Take care all.


People will shoot for all kinds of negative comments here, or everywhere. And when one of their negative comments becomes reality and they say “hey i said so”

It’s hardly predicting when you throw 1000000000000000 predictions and all involves different types of pessimissive outlooks.

There’s only 2 outcomes: its ends up making more people happy, or not. Nothing is gonna make everybody happy.

It’s been very long since we saw a real change in the direction of where the game is heading. If the group doesnt work out (how do you know, nobody knows. Throw a prediction, its just a prediction.), its great. If it doesnt, what do you have to lose? You get the same game as you are now. Why hate on it when its purely a zero - positive move?

The worst you’ll get is nothing is changing. Hardly a problem of GF. Weigh the outcomes and then think about attitudes.


@Arelyna @PGCrisis

Why won’t you give us the metrics that comprise the GF?

Not names, metrics.

Number of members?

Levels of members?

Leagues of members?

How many teams referenced members come from?

How many have Atlas?

In case you haven’t figured it out, we WANT to at least have an IDEA of who is representing us beyond the few that have chosen to reveal themselves.


You do realize it’s been less than 24 hours and 371 messages😂


To me, it doesn’t look like everyone is “in” yet - aka they are still signing their NDAs. The people that are in so far are gathering information on themselves including:

dragon tier
atlas (y/n)


I’m sure home address, social security number and cc number are coming next :sunglasses:


Shouldn’t this be ready from PG seeing as they invited all the members and hand selecting them?

This should have been part of the selection process surely?


There’s something missing there. The target/destination has been identified but the actions/road map to get there isn’t defined. The ride can be bumpy or smooth … these guys & gals can hopefully get us there without using the puke bag. :crossed_fingers:


Maybe some people said no
Maybe some people post to the forums with their alts
etc etc


Ok that’s fine. But dont quote me out of context. “No need for this group” was in conjunction with a ‘If you arn’t going to listen to them’ sentiment.


If you take a step back, (you may or may not want to, up to you), from what i understand youre seeking a basis to decide on whether to trust this group or not, as well as trying to find out the composition.

  1. Its not up to PG to announce it. It’s the members own decisions whether to disclose it or not. What PG can say is their principles of selection.
  2. Giving names this way is bascailly brewing punchbags shall another mistake happens in game. These people dont receive anything from PG. Nothing. Giving it a little patience is what i would suggest. Rather than dealing with being yelled at by 1000000000 people, better keep whos already in it a better mood and less time to deal with unrelated hating crap. I’m not saying you are, but people will. You’ve been here long enough to know PG, you would also know how the people are here.


I just want the towers strength increased…Harbringer vs any tower right now is a joke :sweat:


It’s crucial to understand what my open letter to PG means.

Considering all the likes it had and still has it’s crystal clear that these 6 suggestions are broadly accepted and also the problems identified are problems most of us have no matter where you are in game.

I didn’t write this letter out of boredom it should reflect the community’s feelings and work from there.

We currently discussing point 6 how to make bases defendable again bc this is the most broken thing right now but this is only 1/6 issues and the goal of the GPF is to discuss this with PG and find a solution.

All of these points are game breaking or fun breaking issues and needs to be resolved.

Yet PG is a business and we need to find a way to implement every single bit of these to be beneficial for us and PG. That’s a challenge but we have plans. We have ideas. It’s up to PG to bring those up to the decision makers and we will all have a reason to grind hard again and to spend on things which are worth our hard earned cash and/or time.


Wouldn’t you want to know at least something about the players that are recommending balance changes that affect you?

Whether I trust them or not isn’t the point, the point is for each player to see what voices (or at least their backgrounds) are being heard to steer the future of balance in this game.

PG is already stingy enough with their future plans for the game.


Just looking at it objectively. Let’s say they tell you everything you want to know. What do you see changing? At least in a short term sense?


I would want to know. But you’ve seen their suggestions already. It’s hardly new.

Have you seen Red’s suggestions?


They’re not suggesting differently behind your back. I understand that it’s natural to eager to know. But theyre clearly not gonna propose one thing here and propose another behind the public’s back. They have strong opinions formed already on how to change the game and theyre sticking to it. Just look at how they deal with people who challenge them on forum - they defend their proposals.


Will there be a release soon for the following:

  1. Sample size of the Group?
  2. Direction of the Group?
  3. How this will all work with them having NDA and voicing for the rest of us?

Etc… seems like everyone wants answers to some reasonable questions. The first release didn’t really give much solid info and I understand it’s new and a bit fluid but it might be a great idea.


It’s not a joke when its legally binding. If you are legally liable, i expect a different attitude from you regarding to it. I’m not afraid to stand up to PG. but i would not stand up Against the law just to make others happy for about 2 hours. It’s an understanding thing rather than whos got more balls.

Again, whats gonna be discussed from the players side is hardly new. The topics, the content, you name it. It’s here on public forum. It’s the outcome and how far GF can get in terms of progression making in solutions that matter. That’s a result. You dont expect a result at the start, you expect it at the end.