Gameplay Faction (GPF) Application

Hello all, I get many requests for folks to sign up for the GPF – the player advisory group that works with War Dragons developers to create War Dragons. This is the application!

Couple of quick notes about being accepted into the GPF, when we bring on new members, and how GPF works:

  • There is no real formal process for selection. The WD team lets me know when we have a need for a specific skill and I go and find it (with help from GPF members)
  • Most of the time, I notice good work in the forums - if you’re helping others, providing really well thought out feedback, and following forum guidelines - that stands out to me
  • I add new members at no set time, just as needed. Only once have I put out a general call for new members
  • GPF work is HARD - you don’t sit back and just give opinions, you work through difficult gameplay design issues with our developers, sometimes over months, and you also test a lot of content - current members have mentioned that they lose team/gameplay time because they are busy doing GPF stuff
  • GPF members get generous rewards for their time
  • GPF members are legally bound to discretion through an NDA, and violation of that NDA can have dire consequences, be aware of that

I will allow GPF members to come in and answer questions that folks might have if they wish!


Nice thread . I’ll be happy to answer any question I am allowed to :raised_hands:


I wish I could bold and underline this infinitely.

I’ve come across several people with a wrong perception of GPF work, whether it be ‘I’d just like all the insider info’, ‘I’d like free rewards’, or ‘I can change the game for the better if I join GPF’.

So I guess I’ll be ‘that person’ to shatter those expectations :sweat_smile: The GPF family (that’s what I consider it, a tight knit family) works really hard to come out with the best possible product we can given the circumstances - I would say PG has been really great about listening to us, but we do have design boundaries to stick by.

So I think I’d recommend for anyone thinking of applying to be patient, and flexible, and willing to put in the time to make things work. :raised_hands:t3:

  • Sometimes an hour or two a day just keeping up with chats, excludes testing, looking deeper into things, etc.
  • It’s not as if GPF = PG Board of Directors; there’s no magic wand to making things instantly happen, just because people want them to.
  • It should be about the ability to see the big picture and more perspectives than only that of the individual/their own team. Tunnel vision = auto-fail.
  • And no, decisions that go in aren’t always run past GPF/don’t always have 100% agreement. GPF only advises and doesn’t approve. If people are familiar with the RACI model, GPF is the Consulted or Informed :stuck_out_tongue: (or sometimes excluded - rarer occurrence now but still happens)
  • If people rely on trashing others to try to get points across, they won’t get far with either the GPF or PG. PG’s paid, but it doesn’t mean that they have to put up with peoples’ BS. Fire your customers :tada:

I can’t echo this enough. It’s a lot more time intensive than I expected, and at times my main game activity dips heavily. It is a rewarding experience, though, to know you’re testing and providing feedback for the betterment of the game and WD community.

This means that as difficult as it is, you can’t share with your team or your friends. What happens in GPF stays in GPF.

:100:! Sci hits the nail on the head here. Anyone coming in should do so with the understanding that there will be some decisions that they don’t always like or agree with but should handle them with grace, professionalism and understanding.

While you need to have an understanding of the big picture and game mechanics, you don’t have to be a master of everything. Each GPF member brings their own special, unique skillset to the (as one of my favorite potato lovers called it) family.


Galileo it would be interesting to see who all comprises the gpf and what teams they are on. Can you post this?

Some of us do not wish to be called out and prefer to work in the background. That said, many of us are active on the forums and we all have the identifier marking us as GPF.


Being one of the newer ones, I can definitely state it’s not just fly the new dragons.

However if people do have questions feel free to ask and I can give my opinion if possible


Some of us have specifically asked to not come out in public , however we (gpf) who stay in the forums have this gpf flare( badge ) that you see in our name . And we have specific portraits . So you already know almost all of us

But a list would not be the best way to put it out .


How about a distribution across leagues then?

Low platinum to diamond.


We have players from plat to diamond . And Probably Gold too :eyes::eyes: we have a pirate gpf .

League is a variable that can change . Being in gpf doesnt mean you cant change team thus going higher/lower in league can happen .


Is there an age requirement?

18 years old, because you have to sign a legal document


How does the decision get made, is it yes/no from current gpf etc. Or? Also what sort of time frame does it take just out of curiosity :sparkles::eyes::sparkles:

I usually run candidates by the current GPF members to see what they think, and then I also do an analysis of their answers and forum history. Then I can look at a chat history if need be. Ultimately the decision is mine.

Timeframe if the need is there is usually pretty quick depending on the urgency. I’ve been able to identify and select people within a week, but also it has taken longer than that if I’m busy. It really depends on my schedule.


Well I guess I’m out :joy:

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But out of curiosity what “special skill” are you looking for this time? If your after a master of passive aggressive sarcasm I may be exactly what you are looking for! :joy:


You’re in. Enjoy the new title :joy: