Gameplay Nomination

2nd that nomination.


I too highly approve of this nomination


Any link of what he/she has done for the community please?

While most of his work is via Line, he has been active here in the forums as well. He played a big part in organizing thoughts and suggestions for the PG Can We Talk movement but has always been content taking a backseat approach where he deserves more.

He’s done multiple forum posts on issues in game with possible solutions. The latest was in regards to the PVP farm bases. I believe it was part of the reason that the pvp change in base point value came about.

Thank you. I know that his nomination is legit. I just give you some perspectives that if you provide some evidences here, probably other people that didn’t interact with him (like me) can also support this nomination.


@Lonteku thanks for keeping these folks honest! Idk what they’re up to :unamused:

I tend to just rant on the forums about things I think are wrong or unfair. And spend a lot of time asking PG to test stuff before they release it :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

Not sure that qualifies me for this nomination :joy:


I think the way you go about your requests and your attitude in general certainly help my belief you are worthy of this nomination.

I support this nomination wholeheartedly.

Tooth has done a lot for the community and I personally have learned a lot from the line groups of his that I’ve been a part of.

Weird thing about these line groups is that they’re quite small closed cliques where most players will never see or benefit from the information. Not saying that Tooth hasn’t been doing great work there, I simply don’t know, but it is good to realise that what goes on in Line is pretty much invisible to 98% of people.


Which is why I think it’s important to note that he has been active on forums as well. Not only that, but even if he sits in the background on forums when things like PG Can We Talk start, he played an instrumental part in getting the suggestions worded and phrased. He also is not afraid to bring up new ideas or considerations that may not have been thought of before.

  • Add Tooth to the GPF
  • Don’t add Tooth to the GPF
  • I just want to see the results.

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Gameflay Paction? Perhaps you should make your votes anonymous, too.

That being said…GPF admittance is currently not a very transparent system. There are players on the GPF who I’ll freely admit to not knowing who the hell they are or what the hell they do, while some players not in the GPF or on the forums go unnoticed every day by PG. No opinion on what Tooth does for the game, but I’m certain he’s not the only player who does those things.

Personally I do hope that PG, for the sake of fairness and transparency, will consider shedding more light on what goes into deciding the players they choose to admit into the GPF.


Fixed. Must’ve been thinking of Game Fish and Parks.

Anyway, no, the votes are open. Stand behind your vote. This way you can make sure that a person is voting where their mouth is.

Given that it’s posted on a thread with a lot of supporters and everyone else doesn’t know who this dude even is, I suppose you expect a heavy skew towards ‘I just wanna see’ and everyone else voting for ‘Add Tooth’, then!

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To be honest, I think it is not enough to be active on the forum and have good ideas to be admitted to groups like CF and GPF and more. If they were to admit all the people who are active on the forum, give advice etc, we will be 90 people in CF and 300 people in GPF. Personal thinking.


It might help your case if you linked all these instances into a single post on this thread…? :slight_smile:

Tbh I’m less concerned with being added and more concerned about the process.

I, like others here, think there needs to be transparency in the system. Since these players are supposed to be representative of the community and have a hand in the development of the game and all.

This thread can be closed if a moderator is around to do so, as Galileo would have seen it already (which accomplished the OP’s intent) and it’s not really resulting in a constructive dialogue. Given that it’s about me, I’d rather focus my efforts on something constructive rather than watching this :joy:

I’ll leave off with saying this: the game is in desperate need of overhaul: like revamping how atlas land is valued, adding prizes to events that have become stagnant, addressing a a terrible game economy, etc. I don’t say that thinking that GPF is responsible for that. I say it in the spirit of advocating that a transparent system of testing and development be adopted, one that engages the community in a positive manner and is receptive to new ideas and forward thinking.

If the only concern is how many people are in GPF, rather than how effective the GPF is, then I think there’s something fundamentally flawed with the process :man_shrugging:t2: But that’s just my opinion.

I do, for the record, genuinely appreciate everyone’s opinions on this matter, and the support of those who created and endorsed this post btw. :grin:


Side note, the atlas stuff is handed off to another faction known as the Early Birds faction. It’s not particularly well known, but the gameplay faction kinda handles…the general gameplay stuff? I’m not certain where and how they draw the line between what each team handles, too.

:pray: Preach.

I wonder how you differentiate someone active on the forums and in game from someone who is actually knowledgeable wrt how the game works. :thinking: